Friday, June 13, 2008

DIY Modified Jeans

I love doing jeans. I really do. I just cut loose and have fun with it. I got these jeans from Andrea who sent them for Sara. Now when I got them they was just plain ol every day tapered leg jeans. No big deal..well...NOW they are a pretty big deal. I worked for two days off and on as I had a few minutes in between projects and Maylee to get these done. Truly one of those "spare time" projects. They turned out pretty cool:

You can see the bleach, the ruffles, the cool stuff! Please excuse my hideous couch...I hate it too.

Here you can see the cool grommets and the black ribbon. she HAS to have black its the signature color of goths!

I placed a piece of the ruffle fabric under a star cutout and stitched it down. I just have to wash the jeans to get it to fray real good. Thats gonna look awesome

I used some pure bleach and a medicine dropper to make the cool spots all over these jeans. You can kinda "draw" with that stuff too. I guess a bleach pen would have worked better, but hey I am cheap and I had a medicine dropper handy so I went to work with it LOL

I love that unicorn fabric. Its something Sara fell in love with so I picked up half a yard for this project...she dont know I got it yet LOL She dont know about the jeans either...I am sneaky!

Here is a pic of the back of the jeans:

I did all kinds of cool stuff here. Sara is Wiccan so I did her a nice pentacle.

I even took a cutout of a star that I had cut out of the front, and I sewed it to the bottom of the pants here...It kinda blends in with the bleach spot but its on the leg with the pentagram. Its also gonna look cool once it frays out.

I am sure Sara is gonna love these. I just wanted to show off my newest burst of creativity. I had a massive amount of fun making these, and I have a denim skirt I found hanging out in my closet I am thinking of "fixing" next. I am looking on etsy for some Alexander Henry Skull fabric...thats what Sara likes...I am thinking I am gonna shorten the denim skirt and add a long ruffle of some skull fabric to the bottom of that one. Maybe add in some studs too. I bought some destash studs on etsy too for that skirt...I will post pics when its done!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sara and her Gothic Clothes/Shopping Spree

Well Sara finally got her some gothic clothes last night. We went to Hot Topic...can you say SUCK real loud?? OK I will confess for the sake of this blog I used to be goth back in the day before it got popular here of course. I was the first goth in Louisville! Anyhoo, there was a Hot Topic back then as it had JUST opened up in the mall. You could indeed get anything and everything gothic. 90% of the contents of the store was black and the other 10% was red. It was GOTHIC. Yesterday I go in there and it is NOT just sucks. The clothes are all one variation of small. The prints on the clothes are more this cute "Kawaii" style which I love but still I thought Hot Topic was Goth??

I used to
refer to Hot Topic as "Hell" You go in there, it smells like incense, loud music playing, lights are low...the cashier looks as weird as you do...yeah. Not yesterday. Full lighting, Linkin Park playing kinda loud, interesting cashier..not pierced or interesting at all really. I demand an interesting cashier! I want somebody cool looking to hand my money to! I dont Know what to call Hot Topic now other than that place that sucks.Sara feels the same.

So we leave Hot Topic with me telling her about "back in the day when I was young and goth" stories relating to how much Hot Topic has slid down the crapper. We go in Lane Bryant and that lasted about 5 minutes. High prices (GOD they take advantage of fat women!!!!) Bad fabrics, shitty prints, I could go on and on and on...we go to my second favrorite store in the universe when I was Goth. Its called DEB.

Deb is s super nice place if your chunky and wanna look good but are short on cash. Sara got some Gothic "style" clothes for cheap!

As you can see in this picture where Sara is showing how excited she is to finaly have new clothes that fit, she got that top for 15 bucks I think. It was the most expensive item. That skirt...3 bucks. I do not lie Deb is fabulous. If you have one in your town go there!

We got her a plaid skirt similar to this one shown for 5 b
ucks. a denim skirt that looked like somebody reconstructed blue jeans into a skirt for 8 bucks. a t shirt type top in black of course for 8 bucks.

Her total was 44 bucks for all that stuff. She did pretty darn good. We also have spotted a gothic dress on Etsy she wants more than anything so with the rest of her money we are getting this

Awesome huh? I like it too.It comes in her size as well.

I bought/traded for her as a gift This awesome necklace from my friend Ruby who makes my banners and stuff. Sara about fell out of her chair when she seen it...of course! Ruby is the awesomest when it comes to this stuff. Ya'all give her shop some love!

Thanks again Andrea and Christina for helping me make this happen for Sara. We Aint done yet...gotta get that gothic dress made so I will keep you posted on that!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool shops on etsy! Cool links too!

I have to keep my butt off of Etsy LOL I just love looking at all the beautiful things everyone makes! I cant help it. I get so inspired in my own work to see the creativity that is so plentiful on Etsy. I found a few shops I just have to talk about just because they are WOW!!

Cambria's Creations
This is a shop where a 12 year old girl makes all the jewelry you see. Please check her out, this stuff is absolutely incredible. you see jewelry all over etsy and every now and then you see stuff that knocks your socks off, kinda like this LOL

Kreated by Kelly OMG...Kelly makes the most incredible stuff. The button cuffs, the button bouquets...Oh the BUTTONS! I have bought a few pieces of her work and its incredible quality and comes wrapped and packaged so sweetly. You feel like its your birthday anytime you get a package from her shop. Treat yourself and check her out. This stuff is too darn cute!

MIZombie I first heard about this incense shop when Kelly blogged about it a while back. She adored the incense so when I found out he took RME I jumped at the chance to spend some of that RME money and try out the incense...OMG! Its awesome!! I got the Zombie Blood incense and it is just amazing. It burns good, and the smell is incredible. It smells up the whole house and is truly an amazing scent. You get a really good amount of incense for the money and I feel its top quality stuff so go check out Mr. Zombie and treat yourself to some incense! I could smell this stuff when I walked up to my mailbox LOL I knew it came before I even stuck my hand in there.

Momwithahook I took advantage of her dollar days sale and OMG the quality of the crochet is incredible!! Here is a pic of Maylee in one of the headscarfs:

Aint she cute? I also got one of her cool gnomes. Maylee LOVES the gnome...I like him too and so does Tyler and I am constantly having to fight Tyler over the gnome...I get to play with him FIRST! I am the mama! LOL

Check out momwithahooks shop and give her some lovin' She has a blog too, thats super cool.

I have some links I wanna pass on too. I found a buncha cool stuff lately and I just wanna share.

How to make a pillowcase dress
How to make shrinky dinks out of recycled plastic
Tutorials on SOOO many things

I like to pass things along as I find them, and of course I love promoting other people's shops...I know it sounds kinda bad for business on my behalf but I just love other peoples stuff and if I can help get more handmade good out into the world and help another mama make a sale then I am happy. I think everyone should by handmade as much as you possibly can. I honestly try my best within my financial limits to buy the things I need handmade, or I make them myself when possible.

Please see this link HERE this was on and is a true story about a woman who bought flip flops at wal mart, and the resulting chemical burns on her feet and the crappy treatment and utter lack of concern from wal mart staff. This is another link I wanted to share that came to my attention this past week....makes me mad. But what can ya do? Buy handmade!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update on Miss Sara...

Gosh I been busy all weekend so far...I got a minute now so I am trying to catch up LOL.Maylee's teeth...geez, please see blog post below for more info!

Anyhoo, Thanks to some super generous kynd hearted people, I was able to raise 100 bucks for Sara to go get her some clothes. I have also recieved a care package in the mail for her that had some really cool clothes that I think will fit her fine that we are gonna "goth" up a lil bit. Especially the jeans...I love playing with jeans!

I called Sara yesterday and told her the good news...I knew I could catch her at her Godfathers house on the weekends. I had no idea where she may have been thru the week...probably there where its more calm LOL but anyhoo, I told her what I did (I confessed) and told her I had 100 bucks for her to go get clothes and she almost cried...she was so happy. I mentioned Hot Topic and I thought she was gonna jump thru the phone LOL

I had planned on taking her shopping yesterday but she seemed to be busy with her Godfather so I am gonna call her back today and see if her godfather would please share Sara for a few hours so I can play with her???? He shouldnt be so stingy, he can share the Sara. There is enough Sara to go around...he can share.

Hopefully we can get her a bunch of cool clothes today, I hope! I wanted to thank Christina for thoughtful and kynd donation, and I have to thank also Andrea
Whom bought the pants I had made for the Fund for Sara and also pitched in a lil extra. I hope both of you guys get mountains of good stuff in your lives for your big hearts and generosity. Sara is very touched that strangers to her would care so much to give her stuff...this teaches this young lady a huge lesson in giving and in love. Thanks again guys for everything!

Once I take her shopping I am gonna make her pose for pictures LOL You got to see how cute she is all gothed up LOL I love these goth creative!

Maylee has TEETH!

I been so busy comforting her in her teething adventure these past to days since her teeth showed up I havent had two free hands to type and blab AKA blog about her teeth! She is a lil bit crynie (crying+whining=cryning) But she seems to be a real trooper with these new sharp things in her mouth.

You can see in the pic if you look REAL close, you can see her two bottom front teeth. You can see the swelled up gums and all.

Maylee's cute crocheted headscarf was made by none other than momwithahook

Maylee has been doing this weird thing with her tongue...I guess she is having issues with these invaders in her mouth...she keeps sticking her tongue out and she will lick her gums...kinda like some people use their tongue to get food out of their teeth, she uses her tongue to get the baby food out from between her gums...I guess?? Its cute whatever she is doing in there.

Maylee also likes to chew on pretty much everything...even her high chair.

She also thinks she can climb up to the ceiling now....She climbs me a lot. My ears have become nice handles for her to pull herself up with and my bra makes a nice foothold for her to step into. I just hate it when she grabs a handful of hair for a hand hold...thats another reason I like the goddess head wraps LOL

Maylee also has devloped a really interesting is a video:

The hideous noise in the background is Tyler watching some stupid cartoon on the computer (sigh) Please excuse the mess,Maylee did it and she refuses to clean it up hehehehe...I hope you all enjoy seeing her new funky crawl. I have to laugh every time I see her go across the floor LOL. She has upgraded from the belly scoot/crawl to this new broke leg/half walking crawl LOL

I cant get over how fast she is growing!!