Sunday, March 1, 2009

My dreads now in color

I now have a rainbow of color in my dreads!

I got blue, yellow, red, green...I am one colorful hippie chick now!

I am in awe of how vivid the colors are. I have not had pretty colors in my hair for YEARS! I love this new look.

My "Loc-tician" suggested this idea one day and I went for it. I am all about color, and besides I havent touched my hair in 4 years or more so its time to do something, right?

You can see on her site all the cool stuff she has done to peoples hair.

Now for more pics!

As you can see here I now have rubber bands in my dreads. They had matted up real bad at the roots and I think it was from me wearing my wool dreadband all the time. So she pulled it apart (ouch!) and put in some rubber bands so hopefully it will behave instead of wanting to make one huge dread...thats what it wants to do obviously!

This dread thing is a long journey, and its turning out to be quite an adventure! Hope you guys like the new colors, leave a comment let me know whatcha think! My freak flag is flying high now! LOL