Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Products YAY!

I FINALLY did it. i FINALLY made up some salt and sugar scrubs and some bath salts YAY!

I been making these for ages but never put the time into packaging and all that till today so I am happy. One more thing on my "to do list" checked off!

I have listed these mostly as "choose your own scent" kinda deals, but may make individual listings for scents in the future.

The sugar scrub is yummy. I have one listing for the Pink Sugar Type scented salt scrub. I made myself some of this not too long ago in the dead of winter, and OMG! heaven!!! My skin was even softer than it normally is and thats some SOFT skin! Makes your skin glow too. I like it, and it makes you smell good too. I scent it kinda heavy like all my stuff, I intend for you to smell like this at least all day LOL

I also listed a new lip balm I made the other day. Its Orange Dreamscicle. YUM! Maylee actually stole one of these and LICKED IT! She liked it so much...of course she now owns the one she licked and I charged her 3 bucks, or we can settle up her bill with some sweet baby hugs. We are still in negotiations on this one.

So thats it for my new stuff, just thought I would post cause my blog is terribly neglected lately. I hate being so busy!

Oh and dont forget about my sale on ARTFIRE!! I will be posting these items today!

******************DREADLOCK UPDATE! NEWS FLASH!!*****************************

This is the back of my dreads are about 2 months old now. They are coming along slowly but surely. This is right after palm rolling...and they still kinda dont look like dreads (sigh)

I do have some good ones though...the ones in front are locked up pretty good...I pay more attention to the back when I palm roll though...weird.

All advice on what to do about my dreads is much welcome!!! I have a small bird family nesting on the top of my head now cause its so frizzy.

Oh in case anyone is wondering here is my dreads. This was taken this past week, and my dreads are about 2 months old now. They are coming along...wish they looked less frizzy though. i am looking into remedies.