Saturday, July 4, 2009

Help a mama win!

I really really wanna win this bad I cant stand it. i got in on the last one too late, but i am on the ball with this one.

Artrfire is giving away three 100 dollar shopping sprees. You can win if you write a blog post about your favorite artfire shop (I did) and you post the link to it in a comment on their fan page (I did that too) The person with the most "likes" at the end of July wins! So lets say I win, then one of the people who "liked" my comment will win too, then they pick another winner as some random person. So if I win you could win too!

My facebook fan page is in need of fans as well so if your on facebook be my fan! Once I get over 100 fans I can change the name of my page to something easier to remember. the whole vanity URL thing that facebook is doing now....

One of my Favorite Artfire Shops: HarmonArt

HarmonArt is the work of husband/wife team, Brian and Emily Harmon.

I first seen their amazing work when they joined my Bluegrass Etsy Street Team a while back. Then I was excited one night to see one of their beautiful items pop up on the front page of Artfire, I was so happy to see their shop on Artfire...I knew they would do great there!

The ceramic work is so beautiful and so natural looking, I have not had the good fortune yet to be able to purchase a piece but trust me its on my "to do" list. Emily's Gourdaments are BEAUTIFUL! She has such talent with taking a plain ol gourd and turning it into a
true work of art. I ADORE the ceramic pendants, they bring out the tree hugger in me, and the lelaf shaped ceramic bowls look so true to life...I could look at them for ages! My favorite item they have has to be the leaf bowls. I am just astounded by how realistic they are. I wouldnt mind having a bunch of these all over the house...up where Maylee cant break them of course

HarmonArt shop is very nice looking as well, crisp bright photos capture their art so well and really show detail. Their photos are VERY treasury friendly They also have a shop on Etsy as well so all you treasury freaks may wanna consider this shop?? I would! Thie photos would look great in any nature or earthtone themed treasury for sure!

I think any one of their works of art would make a FABULOUS gift for anyone you would wish to give a gift to. This would be perfect for the hard to buy for nature lover in your life for sure!

When your buying gifts, please consider buying handmade. Convince your friends to buy handmade. When you buy handmade you support the very fiber of America. You strengthen communities and buying handmade gives you a unique and long lasting high quality gift that is sure to score you brownie points with the recipient. I am not asking you to buy from me or even the uber-talented HarmonArt...just buy handmade from SOMEONE. There are so many great places to shop Artfire is my all time fave, and Etsy is a close second. there is also 1000Markets too, they are an awesome site but dont get much love even though they have tons of shops!

Thanks for reading all about the amazing talent of HarmonArt! Till next time!