Saturday, July 4, 2009

Help a mama win!

I really really wanna win this bad I cant stand it. i got in on the last one too late, but i am on the ball with this one.

Artrfire is giving away three 100 dollar shopping sprees. You can win if you write a blog post about your favorite artfire shop (I did) and you post the link to it in a comment on their fan page (I did that too) The person with the most "likes" at the end of July wins! So lets say I win, then one of the people who "liked" my comment will win too, then they pick another winner as some random person. So if I win you could win too!

My facebook fan page is in need of fans as well so if your on facebook be my fan! Once I get over 100 fans I can change the name of my page to something easier to remember. the whole vanity URL thing that facebook is doing now....

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