Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maylees Special Gift From Kreated By Kelly Etsy Shop

I got this package today from Kelly who is the creative genius behind Kreated By Kelly. I love packages from Kelly they make me feel like a rich person when I open them so I tore into the package like a madwoman to see what was inside. Of course I found the beautiful packaging around everything. All wrapped up like birthday presents....so I tore everything apart to see what was inside and I just about fainted! The sheer beauty of these dresses she sent to my sweet baby is exquisite. I am in awe...seriously. The craftsmanship is astounding as always and my little sweetheart looks like a million bucks. I have not went to have professional pictures made of her yet...but i think now is a really good time to go before she outgrows these dresses!

I wish I could have got better pictures but you know how toddlers are always running around...I thought it was odd that when I took the first pictures Maylee stood against the wall and stood still...It finally hit me that she is acting like me when I have Noor take pictures of my stuff I am modeling! She seen me do this a couple days ago, so she was acting like me. it was so cute when I finally figured out why she was still for a minute LOL

Here she is playing peek a boo in one of her new fancy dresses

Oh isnt she a doll...Kelly I cant thank you enough for these gorgeous dresses!

Kelly also sent me this wondrous keychain! She just started making these and as soon as I seen them I knew I had to have one! I also got the most incredible pendant...it looks like the flower of life. I have been studying the flower of life for a good while now and I am just fascinated with it! I am so proud to have this pendant that will remind me of this mystery every time I look at it. What a gift!

Kelly is mostly known for her incredible button bouquets and jewelry. She does make clothing, VERY beautiful clothing and its worth a look. She has been making gorgeous patchwork clothes for quite some time now. She is a multi talented lady for sure, bursting with creativity!

If you want to give flowers that will always remain beautiful consider one of Kelly's bouquets. You can check out Kelly's shop by clicking any of the links in this post. They will take you to the main shop or a special section of the shop. Beware before you head over there...its ALL beautiful and makes you want everything there. When I win that lottery I am buying out her shop I promise!

Kelly, I love you SOOO much and I cant thank you enough for your kindness. I hope to return the favor someday. I hope the pictures of Maylee made you smile. When I get those professional ones done up I will post those here too!