Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simmons Creek Seasonings RECIPE

I just did sort of a trade with this sweet mama Lora. Well her hubs seems to be an extraordinary cook as he has made a whole line of seasonings for all manner of meat! She sent me samples of the pork rub, and the chicken rub. Of course I dont do meat but since these seasonings are vegan I was happy (overjoyed) to try them out. The first thing I put these in was some mashed potatoes...oh...my....god....you have NEVER in your whole life had taters like this I swear to god!

I am always pimping shops and trying to get you guys to buy stuff...you have to understand how good this stuff is.... these seasonings make Maylee eat her food HAPPILY! If it will make a picky toddler who is teething eat her food and open her mouth as soon as she swallows a bite wanting more and more as fast as you can shovel it in...you know this is good stuff.

Simmons creek Pork Seasoning Mashed Taters
Feeds 4
6 or 7 decent size taters
1 teaspoon and 1/2 of Simmons Creek Pork Seasoning
A big ol spoon of real butter
Dash of sea salt
Boil some water while your peeling them taters.
Cut up taters and add to water with a dash of sea salt
Add in 1 and 1/2 teasoons of that good ol Simmons Creek Pork Seasoning Mix
Boil taters with the seasoning and breathe in the goodness...have wooden spoon handy to slap back well meaning and hungry family
When taters are soft enough to mash, drain water but leave a wee bit in the pot. If you accidently drain it all, its OK Taters soak up all that goodness anyways.
Add in big ol spoon of butter and whip/mash/smoosh
Place in iron cage while waiting for rest of supper to get done cause it wont be safe leaving it sit out alone!

Thats my tater recipe and it is OH MY GAWD so damn good it makes you wanna slap your grandmama!

I have tried this on Tilapia too. I didnt eat it Noor did, the savage, but he said it was great. I just sprinkled some over the fish and added some butter and baked it in a covered dish. I know it smelled pretty good...He liked it. I am hoping to try this in a batter soon. I want to cut up a squash and make a batter and deep fry the squash...can you see why I am fat? LOL I thought about baking the squash too but no lets FRY IT! LOL

I love cooking lately (obviously by the size my butt is getting) and I will post more recipes I make with this stuff...it is so awesome...I have actually sat here in a partial daze figuring out how I could use it next LOL Its THAT GOOD!

So Stop By Simmons Creek Trading Post on Etsy and give these seasonings and rubs a try, I assure you, you will be so glad you did. Your kids will worship you and your husbands will adore you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Squidoo Lens for the Team

I finally got around to using my superb marketing skillz to make my street team a Squidoo page YAY! I feel so proud and like I really did somethin' LOL If you have a moment please go check it out and leave a comment, or clicky click the 5 stars at the top of the page to rank us, or lensroll it, or make it a favorite! This is great promotion for my team and we appreciate it bunches.

I been super duper busy lately cleaning house of all things. I started taking some B12 vitamins and they have made me feel human again so now I am cleaning...and Maylee is messing up the house as fast as I can pick it all up! I do have all my fabric stash organized by color scheme and tone. Thats nice and helps me a lot when I sew..

A longer blog post is coming I promise. Just wanted to pop in and say I am still alive just working my butt off here!

Oh and I have new designer fragrance scented soaps listed in my shop! And I have all my plus size legwarmers and bloomers posted in my clothing store too!