Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Liquid Soap Home Test Results

  We have tested this soap pretty thoroughly here at home and here is what I have discovered! 

Dreadlocks shampoo: KILLER!! I love it! It lathers up great and rinses away so easy. Its not like commercial shampoos that want to linger around. It cleans wonderfully too. I will definitly be offering this recipe as a dreadlock shampoo!
Dishes: WOW! It got a tea stain off my tea pitcher that will NOT come off with commercial dish soap. I was in AWE! I gets food off of dishes super great I had NO problems using this for dishes...I was actually excited to do dishes by hand just to get to try it out! LOL
Laundry: Would not do well in front loading machines due to the suds...however I may test this theory later...This cleaned clothes great, and left them as soft as my usual laundry soap once they came out of the dryer. I had to use about 4 tablespoons worth to get the water to turn milky they way my usual laundry soap does, so it may not be cost effective to use this over my usual laundry detergent, however I plan on offering it for sale anyways for people who just realllly want a liquid soap.
Handwashing soap: Not bad for general purpose. My hubs is gonna try it out on greasy hands the next time he works on a car, so we will see how that does. But for general use its awesome. Doesnt dry out your skin or anything!
Regular Hair Shampoo: It cleans great, left my hubs long thin hair shiny but frizzy...Worked great on the boys short thick hair, and I am gonna try it out on Maylee tonight. I am thinking this recipe wouldnt be that great for a regular shampoo so I am formulating a new recipe for a shampoo today.
I am thinking this particular recipe which is olive and coconut oil would be awesome as a general purpose cleaning type soap and dreadlocks shampoo. The coconut content being so high gives it tons of cleaning power which is what I wanted in a liquid soap and its not harsh on skin which is great!

I am in the process of researching oils to formulate my shampoo/bodywash recipe and I will be testing that out this week so wish me luck! This is all so exciting! Now I have to go order some bottles to package this in!! YAY!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Project: Liquid Soap!

I just realized I have not posted since before thanksgiving! (gasp) I have been THAT busy and I want to take a moment to sincerely thank each and every person who has bought from my shops in the past year. I am eternally grateful for your business as it has helped me and my family thru some insanely rough times I wont bother to get into here. Just know each dollar you have spent has HELPED me tremendously and it was all VERY appreciated. Thank you all SO MUCH! ((HUGZ))

I wanted to let you guys know all the exciting things I been up to since the "busy season" is pretty much over. Sales have went down to usual numbers and now I have time to catch up on some things I been dying to do like make LIQUID SOAP!!

I had quite an adventure making liquid soap yesterday I had done my homework for sure but you never know how something like this will go till you jump in with both feet. So I jumped!

I had what was supposedly a fail proof idiot proof recipe in hand that had been tried by others with success. This made me feel at ease a little bit more.

I mixed my potassium hydroxide and oil and stick blended the daylights out of the mixure till I got something I was pretty sure was trace...then I blended more. I wasnt taking NO chances with this one!! Everything I read said if you cant get the potassium hydroxide and the oils to trace then it WILL separate on you later on down the process.

The only part of this process that I dont think I fully "got" was the fact you really do have to keep this stuff HOT! I put it in a double boiler set up and had the water just below simmering...that wasnt enough, I needed to keep the water boiling the whole time. Once I turned up the heat I got better results.

I figured out from the "test" globs I took out of the "paste" I was cooking that I needed to BOIL the water that I was testing the globs in. So I had a ton of boiling water around the house yesterday LOL

I finally got tired of cooking this "Paste" I was supposed to be making after about 7 hours of cooking so I boiled yet more water and poured it over the paste I had made. I boiled this for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I broke up all the chunks of the paste in the boiling water as best as I could. This was the hardest part was breaking up this stuff so it could dissolve and thus make my liquid soap. I went and watched a movie and when I came back all I had to do was hit the whole mixture with my stick blender and it blended just perfect. AND to make it even better for my ego, it was just a WEEE bit cloudy. I was shooting for 100% clear, but you never know when this stuff sits for a couple of days it may be as clear as commerical dish soap! I am OK with partly cloudy though, as long as it isnt milky I am happy.

I have tested this so far in laundry : works AWESOME!
Dishes: I was amazed! It took the tea stain off my tea pitcher and commercial dish soap wont touch it unless you SCRUB with a scratchy pad. All I had to do with my soap was rub!

You could put this in a foamer bottle and make foamy soap for handwashing too! So many applications for this stuff the possibilities are really limitless and I am so rejuvenated and excited to be able to KNOW I can definitely make this stuff now!

I have in the works a new product I wish to announce here today! This week I hope to be unveiling my newest invention: ~JIGGLE SOAP!~ This will be similar to Jell-o as it will be jiggly and squirmy but it will be soap you can take in the shower with you. This will be 100% chemical free unless there is a fragrance oil to scent it but those are always pthalate free at least. This will also be 100% vegan! I will be making an experimental batch this week. I know it wont be till at least wednesday cause I have no car to get supplies till then...UGH!! but be on the lookout! I will most likely announce it here when I get this made. I am super duper excited!!!

I will also be coming up with an original recipe for shampoo. I am still researching oils and deciding what I would like to see a shampoo do, so that will be coming up in a couple more weeks as I get time. its definitely a top priority of mine to release a completely natural shampoo that works great!

I am so excited about all this, cant you tell! (jumps up and down and claps hands)

And, I am rapidly approaching 1,000 sales in Maylee's Garden on Etsy ! As of right now I have 982 sales. A lot of sales came in the past 2 months, I remember recently having my 777th sale and being all excited about it...and here I am staring at the big 1,000! I feel SO successful right now, and to make it special, I am gonna do SOMETHING nice for the person who buys that 1,000th product. I dont know what yet, maybe free shipping, free goodies...not sure. But I promise SOMETHING nice will happen to the 1,000th customer!

Again thank you ALL for your continued support of my little business. I truly enjoy cranking out all natural goodness for you all so we can all be healthier. I am so proud of what I have accomplished, and I could not have done it without each and every one of you who have supported me along the way.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Its that time of the year!
SAVE 25.00 % On
All Items
Use Coupon Code:
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For the occasion I am offering coupon code in Maylee's Garden Artfire shop ONLY!!

This coupon is good Friday 11-27 thru 12-01 for the late night cyber Monday shoppers

The coupon will take off the percentage at checkout once you enter the code in the appropriate box, no waiting on a revised invoice from paypal! YAY!

This coupon is good on my WHOLE shop. Clothing, laundry detergent, soap, dreadlocks shampoo bars, destash, base soap for your own soapmaking..the whole 9 yards!

Thanks so much for your business, my family and I appreciate each and every one of you. I have had 308 sales in my Artfire shop and 809 in my Etsy shop as of today. I thank each and every one of you who have helped make my shop a HUGE success! Over 1,000 sales total and counting!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our big day in BeaverCreek Ohio

Getting to Ohio yesterday was half the fun! I was very very surprised on Friday to a bunch of "gifts" in my paypal account from my loving hippiesew mamas JUST so I could go meet Kristi and Christina in Beavercreek at Kristi's house on Saturday. Christina was the sneaky sneak who set it all up thru a note on Facebook asking for help from anyone who had a buck to donate so I could have the money to get up there. Thats how bad she wanted me to be there, and thats how much I am loved. Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am?? A lot of things in my personal life are as wrong as they can be right now but I swear I have the BEST friends in the universe and I love and thank you all!

We left about 9 AM and after a bunch of bathroom breaks and other breaks such as the one depicted here where Tyler and Maylee gang up to figure out how to spend mama's spare change we finally made it to Ohio in about 3 and a half hours. The day was so pretty, not too hot not too cold and traffic was ok considering the massive amount of road construction I incurred while driving. Its seriously insane guys, ease up on the road construction seriously. Last time I drove I-75 it was NOT that bad, come on now!

So we finally get to Beavercreek! I was so happy to finally meet Kristi and to see Christina once again. We all went out back to Kristi's awesome backyard so the kids could play as it was a VERY nice warm day.

Maylee (In the pink) and Lavender loved jumping on the trampoline, of course with all the leaves on it is HAS to be fun right! its like a never ending leaf pile that you can jump in over and over again! What fun!

Maylee loved the "Yabbit" (rabbit) Kristi had. She has never seen a real Yabbit before so this was fun for her to finally get to see one up close. Yes sweet baby, they arent just in your story books they are real!

All of the kids loved playing in the awesome treehouse with the cool slide. Maylee and Lavender played there for a long time.
The kids all had so much fun while us grown ups talked...all was well...until....

Cass finds a BUG!

We have no idea what he was. We call them "Armour bugs" and thats what Kristi called it too, all I know is Cass is one brave young lady cause I wouldnt have touched it! EWWWW! LOL

Kristi had a massive Hula Hoop collection and lil Dom tried his hand at it. I think he secretly wants to be as awesome at it as his sister Cass, but again we ALL wanted to be that awesome at it! She can make the hoop go up to her head and then down to her feet like its no problem at all! Yeah we were pretty envious, I wish I had a video of it! Cass is not only brave but pretty darn good with a hula hoop too!

You all know how Maylee loves Kitties, well Kristi had a kitty that seemed to really love little girls. Maylee was pretty excited to find a kitty that didnt mind being played with. That was the most patient kitty I have ever met. She really didnt mind being carried around by the neck. I guess she knows how toddlers are LOL

Maylee really liked kitty's "Puppy" (Tail) too

We had some awesome pizza that Kristi made too! Maylee loves Pizza. Its one of her food groups. Kristi also made a pesto pizza that was to die for! I loved it and wish I had one right now! YUM!

I also got to sample some coffee made by Jill of Capital City Coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, I prefer sweet tea really. But THIS coffee makes me want to pick up the habit in the worst way. I have had Starbucks, I have had Gevalia coffee, I have had a local coffee shop's fair trade coffee, I have had plain ol cheap stuff from the grocery store, I am NOT a coffee expert but I swear to god this is the BEST coffee you will EVER hope to drink in your whole life! It is worth every last penny, trust me!

It was so awesome to drink the finest coffee and eat the finest pizza in the finest kynd company I could ever hope to be in. I cant thank Christina enough for organizing this so that I could have a MUCH needed break. I feel so much better today after being able to get away for a little while yesterday. Thanks so much to all who donated money or bought from my shop Friday to help get me there. You are very loved and appreciated. I will remember you guys and if you need ANYTHING I can help you with you dont hesitate to ask! I mean it!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a lot of fun this year for Halloween. This year Maylee missed out cause she took a nap super late, I didn't want to wake her up cause you know how 2 year olds are if they don't get their rest!

Me and the boys went out by ourselves this year. Tyler was a dead war veteran zombie in a wheelchair and Justin dressed up in his Undertaker (wrestler) outfit. I made the duster by the way hehehhe

We went first to a church that was giving out candy from the backs of their cars in the parking lot. Pretty cool idea, I wish more places would do this. It was very nice getting to talk to all the people there. Justin even got some love from this really cool chick with the awesomest feather mask I ever seen!

So then we head to Germantown to go around there and see what we can get. We usually do pretty good there. Justin made it up one street and he was done He wanted to hang out with my sister at her house... Tyler had other plans....

This wheelchair is something he found in the trash last week. The guy that let him take it said he was positive Tyler would have some kind of motor rigged up to it in no time. He knows Tyler well obviously...Tyler hasn't taken the engine out of any of our vehicles yet to strap on here but he did put a knife on the side of the chair..with red duct tape.

We had a lot of fun with the whole wheelchair thing. People would see him pull up to the house in a wheelchair then he jumps up and walks up to them. We heard comments ranging from "That is so wrong dude" to "My gosh I thought you really needed help I was gonna come down and give you your candy then you just got up!"

It was pretty hilarious to say the least. I wish I could have got a good video of it, but this is all I could get tonight. You can appreciate better the effect of surprise to see this on video

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maylee's 2nd Birthday

First we started off today by getting Maylee some cool new pants made. I whipped these up this morning. Next challenge was getting them on her body...not fun. Then the next challenge...getting that cute bow from julibeeKitsch in her hair. Juli, thanks for getting that here quick! She looks like a little birthday present with it on her head. LOVE IT!

Maylee always wants me to take pictures of her hands and feet...thats why her foot is in the picture LOL

So we go out looking for a "ride it" This is Maylee's word for anything that you can ride, like a bike, a tricycle, ect....We looked at thrift stores first cause I hate to buy stuff new usually...no luck. We went to several other stores, and found one ride it that Maylee would fit. it was a tricycle looking thing and was so cute but it tipped over a little bit with her on it, and she got so scared she really wasnt interested in "ride its" no more...so I think we will save the ride it for spring. Maybe then she will be more ready.

So now we still have money from the "Birthday Fairies" to spend on this sweet baby...what to do! Didnt take Maylee long to find something...a shopping cart full of pretend food. She would NOT let the shopping cart go. She pushed it from the back of Target to the front of the store, it had to be wrenched out of her hands so the cashier could scan it then she pushed it to the van...and played with the boxes of pretend food and the eggs all the way home. Its funny cause she tries SO hard to crack those eggs. Me and her have battled over the eggs in the fridge since she could walk. I open the fridge, she dives in for the eggs...every...time...

We made a stop at McDonalds to play in the indoor playground for a while too. Maylee dragged Tyler all up and down that thing. I think he liked it even though he complained LOL Maylee ate all her fries too! We did not make it to the donut place. We had so much to do and it was getting dark fast and Maylee was getting sleepy even faster!

So we STILL had money from the "Birthday Fairies" cause they was so darn good to Maylee! So we hit Toys R us...I know, I know...but it was fun! I havent been in there with money to spend in forever, so this was fun. I knew I could get Maylee pretty much anything she seemed like she wanted. So we started looking at the blocks. Maylee showed an interest in the big mega blocks at the last place we went...so I got her two bags of 70 mega blocks each. We also picked her up a broom and dustpan set. Maylee is ALWAYS helping me here. She unloads the dishwasher, she tries to sweep, she picks up her toys...she is so good. So I got her a little broom and dustpan so she can help mama easier. She is so cute with her purse, her cheese sandwich and sweeping the floor. My little multi-tasker!

So Maylee has a complete melt down in Toys r us crying and holding a small plastic outdoor chair above her head running away from us babbling...the cashier thinks quick and offers Maylee a balloon. This cures the tantrum FAST! I get the chair away from Maylee, and the nice lady hands her a balloon. We made it out of the store with NO problem cause she LOVES balloons in a major way. Thanks super nice toys r us lady for saving us!

So we get Miss whiney pants home, she is SO tired at this point, she has had maybe a 20 minute nap all day. We break out her other presents we got in the mail today and the ones I got last week for her. I have a lot of people to thank and a lot of people to give props to so hang on to your seat and please remember 2 weeks ago there was no way I could foresee that this child would have anything for her birthday. Each and every gift she has tonight is a miracle and proof that she and I are loved and HUGE proof miracles DO happen. Project a positive future and it will come true.

So here we go!

This is the AWESOME hula hoop made by my good friend Amanda who lives close to where I am. She was so kind to whip this up for Maylee in JUST the right size with the awesomest colors. This has tiny mushrooms on some of the tape that its wrapped with. Maylee loves them...and I love hearing her say "Muchwoom" I keep asking her what those things are just so I can hear her say it LOL
This was another gift made possible by the fairies. Amanda thanks you too and so do I...again!

Thank you AMANDA!

Amanda was also so very kind to make Maylee THE awesomest patchwork pants EVER!

You cant see them real good in the picture but I will post a pic of her in her birthday outfit she got. She was gifted an old school Strawberry Shortcake top from Tangled Hangers
and it goes perfect with these pants! My mom actually made me a shirt when I was in grade school out of this same fabric, so this top is pretty special to me.

TangledHangers also sent this amazing crayon roll! Maylee LOVES to color! This helps keep all the crayons from getting lost. It is the coolest thing, and so well made just like the top. Thank you SO much Heidi! your generosity will be remembered always!

Next Maylee opened her gift we got yesterday from my good friend Rachel of Wilmothfarms goatmilk soaps
She was so thoughtful to send a companion for Kitty. Meet Puppy.

Maylee kissed Puppy right away and held him a lot like she does Kitty. But then she seen the other stuff in the gift bag....the BOOKS!

Maylee looks a lot like me right here...laying back reading a book. She is so cute. A mini me! She read ALL of the books, and then she read the sweet birthday card Rachel sent! Isnt she adorable!

Thanks so much Rachel! I have a video of Maylee taking your magnetic numbers and kissing each one as she sticks it on the fridge, then she starts all over kissing them again as she puts them in her purse! Its so sweet! I will get it uploaded soon I promise! She loved all her stuff SOOO much!

Next we move to our next gift which came in the mail today JUST in time... it was so cool to see this pile of boxes on my porch today! I felt like it was some big holiday! Well it was, it was sweet baby's birthday (smiles)

This next gift was from Momwithahook AKA Sara. Sara also sent a BUNCH of AWESOME stuff for me too and Sara I cant thank you enough. I even was gifted a skirt from Akattywampustale
AKA, Olivia. It is the skirt pictured here. I ADORE this skirt!! I have a short story abot her skirts... I always have loved her skirts. ALWAYS. I am always broke and if I do have money I wont buy nothing for myself, but I look at Olivia's skirts and just totally admire the vast amount of creativity that goes into each one. This skirt that Sara sent is the second one of Olivia's I own (giggles) I love it that the things I like so much seem to find a home here in my closet somehow...Anyhoo back to Maylee...

Sara sent the most adorable gnome house and 3 cute lil gnomes! I LOVE toys like this so much for Maylee, we are gonna have a lot of good times laying with this for sure!

The coffee can is the gnome "house" and the gnomes go in there. We are gonna have so much fun with this! Sara, We love EVERYTHING you sent us! Bless your sweet heart mama. May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

So we get to opening more presents, YES there is MORE can you believe it!

This was from Heartfelt3 Felt crafts
I was in awe of the quality of the counting cookies set, and the adorable realistic felt play Donuts! The donuts look good enough to eat! The cookie set came in a drawstring bag with Maylee's name embroidered on it, AND if that wasnt cool enough it came with a cookie cutter too! I think this would make an awesome gift for any child. If you have someone in your life hard to buy for, or a kid that has everything...think about this. I bet they aint got one of these felt food breakfast sets! Thanks so very much to Heartfelt3 for being so sweet, and getting this to our house in a bit of a time pinch. Thankfully mail takes only one day to run in state!

Next we have a wooden board game I bought last week from WishesAndWhimsies on Etsy. This gift was made possible by my great friend Mari. Thank you Mari!

This game is so fun, we played it for a little while. Maylee dont get it cause she is SO sleepy, but we will work with her again tomorrow. The colored "Guys" go on the same colored dot on the board, its a matching game. Each "guy" is stamped with an icon such as a flower, leaf, muchwoom, ect... and you just match them up! SOOO fun!

Maylee seemed to just want to line up the guys in a row, but she sure was cute doing it!

Thanks so much WishesAndWhimsies for the quick shipping too! Your game is BEAUTIFULLY made! We will be enjoying this for years to come, and it will hopefully be passed down to Maylee's children she has when she is 30+ years old if I have anything to do with it....

Next is the most ingenious idea ever...the felt board/chalk board combo play mat. Its chalk board on one side felt board on the other. It came with two pieces of chalk that so far have NOT got broken YAY! And it works great! This was purchased from the creative genious known as Rorygirl on Etsy. She has a shop full of other cool goods too, I highly recommend you check her out too. This board is VERY well made, was shipped out super quick and works great! We are gonna have a ball playing with this, and will save paper too when teaching Maylee her numbers and letters. Have I menitoned Maylee knows some of the Arabic alphabet?? Yep, Noor taught her and she can say the names of the letters just by him pointing to them. Some she dont know but she knows enough of them I can brag LOL

I THINK this is it LOL If there is anyone I forgot I am So sorry! and I will revise this post if there is anyone I did forget. I am so grateful for everything Maylee got, and so grateful for the gifts of love from her "Birthday fairies" and from Mari and from all my sweet customers who have made purchases during this time to make this birthday happen. I was able to keep food on the table, gas in the van AND get all this and normally I do good to keep the basic necessaties going so this birthday was truly a miracle in every way. I am so thankful right now, and I will never ever forget how this all came about and the people who made it happen. I pray that next year we can have a birthday this good too!

Project a positive future, dwell on your success. Believe with all your heart tomorrow will be a better day and it will happen.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Maylee's new pants

I am all about Maylee this week, sorry brothers your turn is later! LOL I made Maylee the cutest pants out of this beautiful blue corduroy I had here.

I used one of the freebie designs from UrbanThreadz on the leg. Its the lolcatz one,( no longer freebie by the way) it stitched out SO good just like all the other designs I have got from there. I made these pants a wee bit big so she can wear them ALL winter, and we can put some bloomers under them if its super cold outside.

Maylee loves kitties so I thought with a kitty on her pants she may not fight us so much to put the pants on her...she is at this phase where she dont want to wear clothes and it often takes me and Noor both to get her dressed, one to hold her down and the other to move in and try to keep from getting kicked in the face to put her pants on. This too will pass...soon I hope!

She is such a sweet baby its hard to imagine she is so vicious about wearing clothing. She will kick me in the throat and face while I am trying to put her pants on and as soon as I am done she is hugging me and giving me sweet baby kisses....she is so sweet but at the same time she has a mean ninja kick!

Maylee has this new thing where when I go to take a picture of her she wants me to take pictures of her hands, and her feet LOL! If she is holding Kitty of course I have to take a picture of him or his "puppy" (Maylee's word for his tail)

So here is a picture of her hands LOL She is so cute in this lil hat!

Soon we will be having birthday pictures I am not sure where we are going or what we are doing but we are leaning toward Krispy Kreme cause its her favorite place. She LOVES donuts!

Me and Noor went to Krispy Kreme ALL the time before she came along, we would just hang out there like the nerds we are talking and stuff, we went there a lot while I was pregnant with her too so it makes sense she would like this place a lot. We will most likely take her there for her birthday and let her get all charged up on donuts with sprinkles. Your only 2 once, right? Party while you can! And at her age eating donuts wont go straight to her hips, so she better enjoy that while it lasts too! LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank yous from Maylee

I have a couple of people to thank on behalf of Maylee. Her 2nd birthday is coming up on the 15th and This past week I have got so much love from people trying to help out. I aint gonna lie, we were so broke that it didnt look like we were gonna be able to have any kind of birthday for Maylee, and thru a series of miracles here I am just a few days from her birthday and I have three beautiful handmade gifts here for her that were only made possible by the kindness of my dear friend Mari whom I met thru my street team. Mari I cant thank you enough!

The second person I wish to thank is my good friend Marnie of BG2Y on Etsy whom I have sewn for and known online for quite a while now. She was so super kind to make this doll shown in the pictures for Maylee. I got it in last week and it is so beautiful! The face is HAND embroidered! With a little moon and stars on the cheeks! Maylee ADORES moons and stars as much as she loves kitties! And the body of the doll is made with this adorable kitty fabric too. And as if this wasnt enough Marnie sent me a bunch of the kitty fabric to make clothes for Maylee. I intend to get a top, pants, and maybe a tiered skirt out of it all for her. THANK YOU MARNIE!

Another person I would love to thank is Maylee's "Birthday Fairy" I have no idea who this angel is because they did not put a return address on the envelope that contained the money, and they did not sign it, but I want to thank you, whoever you are for your awesome generosity toward my precious baby. I was not expecting to get money in the mail for sure, but there it was and all I could do is hold it and try really hard to not cry cause I was just so overwhelmed, I could feel the love there for sure!
We intend to take the money to buy Maylee a tricycle or a bike with training wheels. She is in love with Tylers "ride it" and she wants to ride it all the time! So now she can have one of her own and it could NOT be possible without Maylee's "Birthday Fairy"

We have also commissioned a hula hoop to be made for her by my good friend Amanda whom I met on Hippiesew who lives pretty close to Louisville here. I am super excited about the hula hoop Amanda said it turned out so awesome! I WILL have pictures I promise! After her birthday I will have pictures of everything we got for Maylee I promise!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who helped me to give this sweet baby a wonderful birthday. It really does bring tears to my eyes to know so many people out there care so much about me and my children. And we thank you all from the bottom of our warm fuzzy hearts!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maylee's New Friend Kitty

Maylee showing you Kitty's "Puppy". Every tail on everything that has a tail is called a "puppy" Yes even birds have "puppy's"....I love things kids make up, its so cute! Here is Kitty all dressed up to go to the Mosque with Maylee and her father. Yes, Kitty even had to have a Hijab. Maylee is so cute in hers. She will wear her Hijab for going to the Mosque but only if Kitty wears his too!

Kitty going Bye Bye. We havent had to buy him a car seat yet...thank goodness!

Kitty Gets thirsty too!

Even mama loves Kitty!

And of course Maylee loves Kitty And thats all about Maylee's Best friend Kitty. She really loves him so much. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much she cares for him. She is a very nurturing child, she rocks him to sleep and kisses him. She takes good care of Kitty (smiles)