Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Liquid Soap Home Test Results

  We have tested this soap pretty thoroughly here at home and here is what I have discovered! 

Dreadlocks shampoo: KILLER!! I love it! It lathers up great and rinses away so easy. Its not like commercial shampoos that want to linger around. It cleans wonderfully too. I will definitly be offering this recipe as a dreadlock shampoo!
Dishes: WOW! It got a tea stain off my tea pitcher that will NOT come off with commercial dish soap. I was in AWE! I gets food off of dishes super great I had NO problems using this for dishes...I was actually excited to do dishes by hand just to get to try it out! LOL
Laundry: Would not do well in front loading machines due to the suds...however I may test this theory later...This cleaned clothes great, and left them as soft as my usual laundry soap once they came out of the dryer. I had to use about 4 tablespoons worth to get the water to turn milky they way my usual laundry soap does, so it may not be cost effective to use this over my usual laundry detergent, however I plan on offering it for sale anyways for people who just realllly want a liquid soap.
Handwashing soap: Not bad for general purpose. My hubs is gonna try it out on greasy hands the next time he works on a car, so we will see how that does. But for general use its awesome. Doesnt dry out your skin or anything!
Regular Hair Shampoo: It cleans great, left my hubs long thin hair shiny but frizzy...Worked great on the boys short thick hair, and I am gonna try it out on Maylee tonight. I am thinking this recipe wouldnt be that great for a regular shampoo so I am formulating a new recipe for a shampoo today.
I am thinking this particular recipe which is olive and coconut oil would be awesome as a general purpose cleaning type soap and dreadlocks shampoo. The coconut content being so high gives it tons of cleaning power which is what I wanted in a liquid soap and its not harsh on skin which is great!

I am in the process of researching oils to formulate my shampoo/bodywash recipe and I will be testing that out this week so wish me luck! This is all so exciting! Now I have to go order some bottles to package this in!! YAY!

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