Thursday, December 11, 2008

My newest projects Spinning Wool!

I havent got a lot accomplished since I last wrote. My arthritis is beating my ass this year, but in spite of it I still manage to do new things!

This is some plain wool roving I got for cheap and dyed it with kool Aid

These colors are pink lemonade and lemon lime, and yes the resulting yarn smells incredible!

This is the yarn I spun from this roving. Its my first yarn! I think I did OK but not sure since I have only seen handspun yarn in pictures, so if anyone with experience can tell me if this sucks or not please feel free to leave detailed constructive feedback....just please dont say "You suck" and run off..PLEEEEZE!

And for my next little project that I worked on over the course of 3 days is my new camera holder/thingy.

Pretty cool Huh? I like it cause its sure to keep the boys off of it cause its pink and has a big ruffle hehehehe

My new camera is little and I also bought it in pink so the boys will leave it alone too but so far no luck, they just like it and they like it for the same reasons I do, its fast, and cool looking and makes noises...our old camera was pretty basic but this new one makes a funny noise when you push the button to take a picture.Its cool! Oh and all these pictures were taken with it, so it works pretty good too. it was a black friday special so I am happy with what I got for the price. Its an 8.1 MP camera so it takes BIG pictures!

Oh yeah I made the holder/thingy out of cotton yarn cause I like cotton. I have made a billion dishtowels and washclothes out of that skein so I used the rest to make this holder YAY!

I started this headband from the yarn I spun. I hope it turns out OK I know it sure looks cool so far! I hope to work on it more today

god I love pink and green together....

This is a ball of white cotton yarn I dyed with Kool Aid cause I LOVE the color of Ice Blue Raspberry lemonade! It didnt turn out the way I wanted but I am OK with the way it turned out I guess...I got spots of that awesome color all thru the skein.

yes it also smells wonderful like the roving.

And last but not least a project that has taken me over a week to finish, these awesome pants!

the fabric is to die for. Its a hippie looking print that is super colorful! I seen it and HAD to have it even though it was way over my price limit for fabric. So these will be selling for a wee bit more but the fabric is really great quality and this print is just too damn cool.

here is an up close of the pocket...I used this awesome rainbow ric rac my friend Pren sent me. You can see in this picture JUST how awesome the fabric is. It all looks like an old 60's poster for a festival.

These will be on Etsy as soon as I can get a decent day that I feel OK and the sun is shining...yes it will take an act of god for this one. I have other bloomers to list too, but just cannot get a good day here. Sun never shines and its always too cold to go outside, and with my thyroid problem i cannot stand the cold in any way for any length of time. I just cant do it. So all the pictures of my stuff I post on Etsy from here on out is gonna have to be indoors which means I am gonna have to get creative!

I just wanted to let all my readers know that if I am not posting much or online much its mainly due to my arthritis. Its the worst its ever been this winter, with the exception of the time I was pregnant which was the worst that arthritis can get, but nonetheless I hurt and its hard to sit most days, and hard to stand or lay down. My Fibromyalgia is kicking my butt too, and then all the little health problems the thyroid the severe anemia....I just feel bad, and I get as much done every day as I can because I WANT to keep going and doing stuff but god I feel like hell...So thats where I am if I am not on hippiesew or floating around Twitter or posting here....just hurting like heck wishing for spring time!

Oh and Maylee has another new tooth, a BIG one in the back! She also says "Doo Da" And "Da Doo"....what it means I dont know but everything is "Doo Da", and Noor is mama...I dont know what I am to her...Maybe *I* am "Doo Da"!? Oh and she can now say "Tyler" I was yelling for him one day and she started yelling for him too! It was so cute!