Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random cute kid pictures

Maylee was eating ice cream the other day and it was pretty warm outside, so it melted fairly quick. She made such a mess of herself I couldnt help but laugh. I had to run inside and get my camera to take these pictures, and I just wanted to share with all of you cause its just so darn cute!

Here is the end of her ice cream extravaganza. She hands me the cup first cause she is done with it, then she hands me the ice was pretty fun trying to keep her from touching stuff with the ice cream hand until we could get her cleaned up. This was one mess I just threw in the tub with some warm water and soap! It would take too many towels for this one LOL There was ice cream EVERYWHERE!

And here is Maylee on a cleaner day. She really wanted me to take a picture of her Kitty. She loves Kitty and she kisses him every morning and hugs him. She sleeps with him, takes him with her when we go places, and rocks him to sleep at night. He is her best friend right now. Arent they cute together?

This is Maylee REALLY wanting you to notice the Brobee on her shirt. She asked me to take this picture after her big brother Justin was done taking pictures of me in a new dress I made. She wanted some attention too!

Here is Tyler still trying to conquer the gas station chicken....someday my son, someday!