Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our day at Wilmoth Farms

My good friend and soapmaking buddy Rachel invites us over yesterday for a fun filled evening of horse riding and smores making by a bonfire. I was excited to actually take a day off and do something FUN! but first we had to go see my mommy....the trip was exciting as usual.

First Tyler took Maylee for rides on his new lawn tractor. He paid for over half of it with his own money he has made from his new venture mowing grass. Go Tyler! we paid for the rest cause we need it too...I guess it was a 50/50 thing but he will use it the most I am sure as he is our designated lawn cutter now LOL. I am so proud of Tyler. His lil business is growing by leaps and bounds as he has the market cornered in our neighborhood. He is the only one offering this service...he has his first monopoly! How sweet! LOL

We stopped at the usual gas station to get gas cause its cheaper there than anywhere else we know of, and Maylee had to ride the chicken...again

**By the way her top was bought from SweetCandiedYams on Artfire. I purchased this when I won that Artfire Facebook Contest in August YAY! I LOVE this top its just perfect and TOP quality too!

Her shoes are made by Kaboogie. She makes the best shoes in the universe, just ask Maylee she will tell ya!

It was all cute till Tyler wanted in on the action too...The next series of photo's is the process of him trying to mount the chicken and the horror that ensued....

In the end Chicken bites Tyler's hand and steals his lawnmower keys to wear around his neck. Chicken arises victorious!

So we head on down toward moms house and when we get there the house smells like Pizza...Mmmm...and my brother got some baby ice creams for Maylee. They was so cute in her hand! Just her size. Maylee loves ice cream!

Mommy puts Noor to work cleaning out gutters and Tyler mows grass while I try to keep on top of Maylee who turns super wild at moms house for some reason...weird.

I gave mommy her ring I mentioned in my last post about sucking up to mommy I think mommy is quite thrilled with wont say how much she likes something but she looked at it for an awfully long time after she put it on her hand...SCORE one for me! YEAH ED take that Biotch! (Ed's my brother....)

Anyhoo we get done at mom's house (we have to go back Tuesday for more!) and we head out to Rachel's farm....I was amazed at the beauty of this place. I automatically knew I was not gonna want to leave here EVER! And I wish I could go pitch a tent or set up shop in one of her bedrooms or something. I am quiet, she will never know I am there...until her chocolate starts disappearing for no reason...then she may know something is up hehehehe

This is my oldest son Justin on Rachel's very kind horsey named Chicory. Justin hopped up on the horse like he knew what to do! He did good! Now it was Tyler's turn....

Tyler got on the horse better than he got on the chicken and the horse didn't bite him and steal his lawn mower keys LOL!

I even got on the horse myself. Cant believe I made the legs work well enough to do it but I did it!

We had a nice little fire out back after it got dark, We had hot dogs and macaroni salad...then we had campfire smores by the fire. I didn't get pictures cause I was too busy eating...

Our good friend Mari showed up too! I love Mari she is a sweetheart just like Rachel and I always enjoy her company a lot. We had so much fun yesterday I cannot wait to do it again! I loved riding that horse, and he walks so nice and easy he don't bump you around or anything. It was a smoother ride to ride him than riding in my hippie van to get to Rachel's house! LOL

I would really like to get a horse for us when we get moved to our land. Riding the horsey was the most natural thing I have ever done besides giving birth in the comfort Of my felt like it was something I was supposed to be doing...if that makes sense.

Thanks Rachel for having us! You guys were so kind and so thoughtful of Noor's religious eating issues and stuff. Your awesome! Many blessings to you guys for being so loving to us!


Infinite Cosmos said...

looks like soooooooo much fun!! and yay for horsey riding!! :)

Pren said...

looks like you guys had a ton of fun and look at tyler on he lil mower! go you lil dude! i are all grown up. yes yes i know. hahahah