Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sweet trade I did with J Tribe Creations

Miss Rhonda from J Tribe Creations is such a sweetheart. She makes the most incredible tie dyes. I purchased one from her earlier this year and the dyes have held up so good against my own laundry soap as well as commercial detergents. Her little romper is as vibrant today as it was when I got it in the mail from Rhonda.

So when Rhonda mentioned she needed a pair of bloomers I was all for a trade cause as synchronicity would have it, I had just screwed up a pair meant to be much larger that turned out being her perfect size, I sent them to her and she was kind enough to model them

Aint she cute! She was kind enough to blog about our trade too, so I had to return the favor cause she is so sweet.

Here is Maylee in one of her shirts I got. We have got tons of compliments on this shirt, and everyone thinks I bought it from a store someplace, they cant believe its hand dyed. Dont she look so good in those colors! I had her all dressed up in this blue jean skirt, her tie dye top, and one of Kelly's green button hair clips and she was cute as could be!

Please excuse the shaggy hair...she needs a haircut badly!

Thanks so much to the sweet and adorable Miss Rhonda from J Tribe creations for hooking me up with some sweet tie dyes for my baby to make her look sweet as ever as she outgrows everything in sight! I am so happy you love your bloomers and I am sure they will keep you warm and looking cute all winter long!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Maylee is now WALKING! Video

She started this yesterday. I was in the kitchen making soap, and kept hearing her fall and her diaper crunch. I looked behind me and there she was going around in circles WALKING! This isnt the two or three steps and fall down kinda walking that she has been doing for weeks, this is the real deal. She is walking around the living room right now playing with her dad as I write this. She falls really good, and she walks kind of like an old drunk. She is so cute. I just really wanted to share this milestone with all my friends out there that love her so much. I know so many of you have enjoyed watching her grow thru my pregnancy and now thru her first year of life.

I made more rainbow soap!

I just got a minute cause Maylee is walking and hubby wants to leave to go out for a we have the gas money but anyhoo!.... Here is pictures of ALL my new soap I made last night

This rainbow cupcake has been listed in my store

This one is Dragonsblood scented soap and thats a real drop of blood from a real dragon in the middle...just joking! HA HA HA

This one is my famous rainbow spiral NAG CHAMPA soap. I love making this one, its so cool!

This one is PINK GRAPEFRUIT. OMG I am so in love with this one. I made it before and I couldnt stop using the fragrance in everything even my hair oil LOL. The soap is incredible. The smell is citrusy, but with a hint of baby powder for a softness...its incredible and I highly recommend trying it out. I only got three bars of it cause I wanted them scented strong so I couldnt use a full pound of soap on this one. I didnt have enough fragrance oil on hand. I do intend to buy more once our finances straighten out.

OK I have listed right now the cupcake NAG CHAMPA scented soap and its heavy. Its a 5 ounce cupcake so it will last you a very long time. My 4 ounce soap usually lasts me about a week and a half to two weeks with me and hubby both using it daily. It lasts a while...

OK go check out my
SHOP I will be posting a different soap every day but of course if you dont wanna wait for etsy send me a message!