Monday, September 1, 2008

I made more rainbow soap!

I just got a minute cause Maylee is walking and hubby wants to leave to go out for a we have the gas money but anyhoo!.... Here is pictures of ALL my new soap I made last night

This rainbow cupcake has been listed in my store

This one is Dragonsblood scented soap and thats a real drop of blood from a real dragon in the middle...just joking! HA HA HA

This one is my famous rainbow spiral NAG CHAMPA soap. I love making this one, its so cool!

This one is PINK GRAPEFRUIT. OMG I am so in love with this one. I made it before and I couldnt stop using the fragrance in everything even my hair oil LOL. The soap is incredible. The smell is citrusy, but with a hint of baby powder for a softness...its incredible and I highly recommend trying it out. I only got three bars of it cause I wanted them scented strong so I couldnt use a full pound of soap on this one. I didnt have enough fragrance oil on hand. I do intend to buy more once our finances straighten out.

OK I have listed right now the cupcake NAG CHAMPA scented soap and its heavy. Its a 5 ounce cupcake so it will last you a very long time. My 4 ounce soap usually lasts me about a week and a half to two weeks with me and hubby both using it daily. It lasts a while...

OK go check out my
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ericat said...

I have been wondering about the soap, how it is made. I have a lot of Aloe vera gel and would like to add it in soap but first I have to learn more about the soap.
Cute about your little one walking. Time fly, enjoy her.

Auroras_Garden said...

My soap is like WOW! No joke. I used commercial products my whole life until the last two years and the difference between handmade soap and the crap you buy at the store is like night and day, seriously.

I make my soap hot process, basically that means after a few hours work I have a soap I can hop in the shower with, I dont have to wait 6 weeks for it to cure. I make the soap which is the consistency of play-doh and then I add in shea butter cocoa butter, and fragrance...if there is anything else I want to add that needs to be kept away from heat, like aloe vera gel, I add it in at this point and I dig my hands in and start mixing! The soap is cool enough to put my hands in so it doesnt change the chemical properties of anything I put in it. So the butters, and fragrance stay true...and so would aloe vera gel. Thats a great idea about that. I bet it would make some incredible soap. I used aloe vera powder in some but aloe powder stinks so I couldnt use too much LOL The gel is much nicer as far as smell.

The way my soap is made I can add in pretty much anything once it cools enough to stick my hands in it. Thats a nice thing about it..and its fun to play with! I have so many ideas for this soap at any given time because it is like playing with polymer clay or play doh.

Thanks so much for inquiring, if I can be any assistance with some aloe vera gel soap I would LOVE to have a fun project like that. Just holler at me here or you can email me at or you can convo me thru etsy if you like.

Pam Hawk said...

Hi Libby -

Oh your kiddo is so cute. That's such a fun age.

Your soap cupcakes are a neat idea. The grapefruit soap sounds great, too. But choosing between Nag Champa and Grapefruit? Tough decision. Does it smell good when they're near each other?

I know you emailed me a week or two back about starting Pass It On Plates in KY, and I think you hinted about a free one. :o) Would you like to do a trade?