Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another update on my new "Art Skirt"

Isn't this exciting! I love blogging about this skirt, making pictures , and just watching this whole thing come together. It has a mind of its own, and I am thinking it wants to be Victorian. Check out how its coming along: I put in another hour yesterday and another hour today on it and here it is so far after 7 total hours:

You can click any of these pictures to view it in its true size which is pretty darn big.

I was looking around here for some fabric pieces to use in this and I found these HAND SEWN 2 by 2 patches that my wonderful friend Andrea sent me in a box of love a while back. I decided to use them and this element is what made the whole skirt turn around into what you see now. It really gave it an old fashioned "Victorian" look to it. Its like a big textile art collage, I got everything in here!

Here is another close up shot of just a piece of it so you can see in more detail what I am doing here. I broke out the beading foot! LOL I love my beading feet and use them every time I have any reason to. I have so many stands of those fake pearl beads its unreal...anyhoo, I used a lot of iridescent pearls and also some white ones on this. They really played up the Victorian look as well. Once I get done sewing and get started on the handwork, like the buttons and stuff, its really gonna be amazing.

I am starting to get concerned I may not be able to find fabric to go with this panel. I had even considered making patchwork panels for the rest of it...I am thinking that may be the only thing to do it all justice. i really want to take my time with this and pour my heart and soul into it. I know with the price tag I am gonna put on it, it will never sell. But I can sit back and look at this and say "I DID THAT ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!" It has been so therapeutic making this skirt. I just feel so creatively alive, and I haven't felt that way in a while. I like it, and I wish I could spend my days making skirts just like this one all the time....what fun!

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