Sunday, August 24, 2008

My new project: Art Skirt

I am so excited about this new project I have to show it off before its finished.

"What the heck is that!", you ask. Well it is an a-line skirt panel cut from bleached white muslin with all kinds of stuff sewed onto it. I have yarn, ric-rac,fabric of all types, tulle (for a 3 d effect) ribbons of all kinds and I have some bridal trims I am gonna hand sew on here too. I am planning on using some of everything I have in this house meant for sewing. Bias tape,buttons, ect....

I got this idea when I made that one know, this one:

I thought this kind of thing looked so cool on a cuff, what if I did it on a bigger scale?? like a skirt panel! Or better yet a whole skirt!!!!!!!!!

OK I am 3 hours into that panel pictured up top and you see what I have got done on it so far...I have many hours to go on that one, so a whole skirt may be a long term project.

I am hoping I can find my cowery shells I have here someplace...I am sticking with greens and blues on this panel and I am trying to get an ocean type theme going so having some shells on there would be cool. I am using so many different fabrics on this. I have some velour I will be using. There are already some glittery decorator fabrics in it, and some batiks. I am just having a ball going thru my scrap box!

When I get this finished it will be posted here! I am hoping I can get it done soon. i plan on spending a few hours every day on it till its done. This project may very well be the highlight of my career till now! YAY!

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Anonymous said...

Libby that looks great. Can't wait to see what you do with it.