Friday, June 19, 2009

Vote for Tabmade

Tabmade is one of my team members and she is an AMAZING polymer clay artist as well as an amazing photographer of tiny things. She has an item that needs YOUR vote...of course if you WANT to vote for her item....Here is the link to her blog post where she tells you ALLLL about it
Tabmade Art and Craft

The contest she speaks of is pretty cool. I thought about entering myself if I could get some time. Tim Adams rocks he always has something cool on the blog so go check it out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A sweet trade with momosbows

This trade was awesome just like the last one. Presentation is everything especially when you have a fancy shop like MoMosBows has. I was feeling like a rich lady when I opened up my box....well I kinda TORE it open cause I was so excited! This is what I find inside. Nice neat ADORABLY wrapped flip flops!

Are these cute or what! Maylee was MORE than happy to put these on for me, she seen me wearing mine and sat down and stuck her foot out with no problem whatsoever. She is used to the soft shoes made by the wondrous Kaboogie, so I didnt know how she would take to flip flops. She adores them!

MoMosbows makes the CUTEST Flip flops hands down. She also has some really cute hairbows too. Maylee is now the proud owner of some and she loves them. I havent got a picture of her wearing one yet but I will. I can hardly catch her with this slow camera I got! I like big fluffy bows and thats what MoMosbows has, and they are VERY well made. Top quality as is most everything handmade.

Momosbows is also a member of my street team. I am proud to know her, and so happy we could trade soap for some pretty stuff!. Thanks so much Stephanie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sarabeedesigns love.

Sara is just the sweetest thing. We did a trade...she has a soap addiction, I have a yarn addiction. We were meant to trade. She adores her soaps, and well...I am insanely crazy over the yarn I love it so much I have kept whats left of a skein of handpainted boucle in my purse with a hook at all times in case I get stuck someplace I have to wait...then I can make waiting WAY more enjoyable by working with her beaurtifully colored all cotton yarn. YUM!

She also has t shirt yarn and I made this cool recycled t shirt yarn dishcloth which is a lil extra scrubby. I like it. I am not able to do dishes the old fashioned way anymore due to my disabilities but when I do need to scrub out a pan quick this baby does a GREAT job and I am not leaning over the sink for ages cause it cleans so darn good. Check out Saras recycled t shirt yarn and save the planet !

She also makes the prettiest handpainted spindles on the planet. No doubt! Check out her spindles if your into spinning. This one is handpainted lilies....LOVE IT!

But wait this started out with me telling you about her making a blog post about me! Yeah she made a blog post...I get to thinking about her and that yarn and you see what happens I forget about everything and just want you guys to see it! LOL

So if ya got a minute swing by her shop and see whatcha like. Sara is super sweet, and also a proud member of my street team. So if your in Kentucky PLEASE buy goods local and check out my street team to start your shopping off right by helping your neighbors here in Kentucky. The economy can be strengthened by buying handmade, and even more b y buying local. Ok off my soap box (not intended as a pun but it sure is funny aint it?)