Friday, August 14, 2009

MoMosBows New blog contest

I love contests, I am hooked on them since I won the Artfire Facebook Contest LOL

MomosBows, whom I adore, is having the awesomest contest!

She is giving away a free one year subscription to her bow of the month club where you can get a free bow every month and two in your daughters birth month! WOW!

Its easy to enter, so go for it you may just beat me and win...good will need it, sucka!

Pictures of our land in Breckinridge County Ky

I took some really awesome pictures of our land yesterday when we went to make a futile attempt to mow it. We will be moving sometime within the next 6 months without a doubt. Most likely in the next 2 months, thats our goal to get down there before the weather turns bad on us

Here above you can see the dirt road going to our 5 acre lot. There is NOTHING back here except a lake, trees, good ol Kentucky Hills, and us. I can only imagine how AWESOME it will be to watch the stars at night. Every meteor shower will be like the best show ever with that great big sky!

This "path" is Noor's futile attempt at mowing. yes he used a push mower, no I dont think he is crazy per se`

You have to hand it to the guy he is brave to even attempt this. Me and him are about the same height at 5 ft 3/5ft 4 and some of these weeds were taller than us, most of them were our size. They are super thick weeds too, this isnt your front lawn kinda weeds, this is MAJOR weedage! You can see a teeny tiny speck of gray in the background...thats where either an old house or old barn was. I am HOPING there is a well here someplace! There is another home/barn site on our land too. There has to be water here somewhere! We will find it when we get thru the weedage.

And while I was waiting on Noor to either have a heatstroke or give up, me and Maylee took these awesome pictures. I think I may frame these cause that balloon is just amazing! I love that big "pop" of color in this natural setting.

Soon Maylee will be riding more than chickens with her cheese curls! I hope to get some Llamas, or sheep and get into dying fiber for spinners. I love dying wool, and I love playing with fiber in general. Maybe that will be a new direction I take after we move. I know we will have chickens...Maylee LOVES chickens!

My goal is to be totally 100% self sufficient within 3 years. I dont want to need money for anything. I want to grow all our food, get off the grid, and use the farm and my businesses to generate any money we may need or want.

I figure to do this we have to start small and start by not going in debt to do this. We will be purchasing a cheap mobile home (as soon as we can locate a somewhat livable one) and then going from there. Most likely we will add on to the mobile home, or just live there till we can get a cobb house or some other sustainable cheap housing built. I am leaning toward cobb cause its so inexpensive to build and you can get so creative with it. I love the idea of a round mushroom looking house. So cute!

So thats whats up in my personal life lately. We purchased this land last fall if you long time readers (wink) And I had dreams then of building a cobb house. I havent lost sight of that, or my dream of self sufficiency. We can do this. if my Father and my Grandfather could do it I can too!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maylee's Modified Stroller

I was sitting on the front porch sweating like a rabid pig and getting eaten alive by mosquitos when here comes Tyler down the street....with Maylee's stroller tied to his bike (sigh)

As you can see she made it thru OK and cried when he got off his bike. She loved it and wanted to do more "bye bye".

He tells me excitedly how he built this contraption and the "hell" he went thru finding something that worked...this was his first experiment below:

Yeah you thought the stroller tied to the bike was scary, and the car seat strapped to the dolly was horrifying, get a load of this

Yes...he was gonna somehow TIE this to his bike and put that sweet baby in there to drive her around..he tells me that he did not think it would hold up...(sigh) Note the lack of front tires....

Maylee seems to enjoy her new "bye bye" she wouldnt stay out of it and kept asking Tyler to go "bye bye"

See how happy she is! LOL Her pants are her new kitty pants I made for her over this weekend. She loves kitties! Thanks goodness she is still around to enjoy the kitties...Tyler is pretty good at rigging up stuff though...kinda wish he had asked me first though. This was so hilarious I HAD to share with you guys. ENJOY!