Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My latest Etsy Shopping Spree

I had to hit up CrankieDoodles again for more shirts for the boys. I am so so amazed at her work, and the boys need shirts anyways so why not buy handmade! I would rather pay her to make us a one of a kind shirt than give wal mart my hard earned money. I feel warm and fuzzy knowing I am helping out a work at home mama, or someone trying to sell their art to help make ends meet. Thats how I roll (smiles)

Tyler got a Cartman on his shirt, and Justin adores Super Mario so I had a Mario put on his shirt. He isnt here to model it so I did LOL

As you can see Tyler is beyond thrilled with his shirt and I am pretty ecstatic over the mario shirt. CrankieDoodles just freaking rocks!

If your in the market for a hand painted one of a kind t shirt hit up crankiedoodles she appreciates the business a bunch. Her work is amazing this is all done by hand guys. I am still in awe. Oh yeah the paint is machine washable and dryable too. A couple of our shirts made their way into the laundry and even with my badass laundry soap there was no cracking or peeling whatsoever! Thats some good paint she uses too! Thanks a bunch for the shirts Miss CrankieDoodles!! MUCH love from all of us!

Maylee LOVES her Brobee handpainted picture we got as a freebie too!

CrankieDoodles just kicks butt! Where else could you get something as cool as a handpainted portrait of brobee?

Also in the mail today I got a package from Potomac River Goods! Justine started making plus size batik Panties, and of course I was ALL over it. I never ever ever buy pretty underthings for myself so I thought I should splurge.

Justine's batik is a work of art, if you remember the sleeper I got from her back in December for Maylee...I look at it and I am still amazed at her skills in dying as well as batik and drawing. I so admire anyone who can draw because I cant do it! LOL

I would have modeled the panties but I would like to keep my readers and subscribers (smiles) so I just held them up for the camera...then Maylee wanted them, I think she knows they match her sleeper with the dragonfly motif.

Maylee soon grew tired of using my new underwear as a bib and handed them back to me.

I will cherish these purty drawers for a LONG time. I love the colors so much! That dragonfly is so detailed its amazing! I kinda wish I was more like this shouldnt be hidden under my skirts LOL

So if your looking for some majorly cool panties PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out Justine's work, she is AMAZING! She can also sew like nobodys business. Her handmade clothing is to die for...go check out her shop if you havent already been there. Potomac River Goods has been around for a while so a lot of you may already be familiar with Justine and her mad skillz and if you dont know her you should! Drop in her shop and say Hi!

So thats it for today. I am so happy I got to blog its getting more and more rare that I actually have time to do it. Lord knows I have plenty to blog about! When I get awesome stuff like this from fantastic shops like those featured I MAKE time to blog. I feel like I have to tell everybody cause I dont wanna keep good stuff all to myself! I like to share. Much love to you all!