Thursday, January 1, 2009

All Kinds of new stuff! And leg Warmers too!

The kids are back from their dads house and Maylee has finally erupted 4 great big molars and has calmed down into the little sweetheart I had before the molars got started. So now I can sew!

I must admit I have not had much inspiration lately with all the wool and Kool-Aid laying around here but I did have an epiphany earlier legs are freaking freezing from the knee down! I have bad circulation I guess and so my feet and lower legs freeze no matter how much clothes I have on, so i fixed it

I made a plain pair of leg warmers I dont have a picture of and then I got to thinking, well these are like little skirts...skirt....little...tiers!!!! Yeah! (light goes on in brain) So I made three tiered leg warmers!!

I put some lace on the bottom and broke 4 needles on my crappy machine getting the shiny pearls on but it was worth it.

I like em, they are too cute. If I had to do em over the only thing I would change is the fullness in the bottom. I would make that last tier smaller for sure but they arent too bad for a first try!

Oh and in case your wondering I did NOT make the awesome shoes...those are made by Cintia who is super mega talented, and just had surgery but will hopefully be taking more orders for these soon, and restocking her store soon too! I have a pair for me and Maylee that match and I swear I am wearing these all over the place this summer. They only come off my feet to go outside in the mud and rain or to go to bed!

Next cool thing I made was a skirt!

I cant get a decent picture of it for nothin' I tried and tried. I got an up close of the pocket and of the sparkly trim here, and the pretty lace. I got that lace from a friend here, she didnt need it or want it and its just beautiful. Its not polyester either, it feels like cotton and has some weight to it. i am so glad I used it on this skirt. It just works with the shabby chicness of it. I LOVE this skirt and as much as I hate to I will be putting it on Etsy. I dont need another thing in my closet, but this is so...*ME* I love it. I am hoping someone else will love it to and give it a good home. I should have it listed sometime in the next week or two along with all my other stock I been holding off on to get thru the holidays when sales come back! The fabric is a premade patchwork...I didnt make all that otherwise this would carry a price tag no one could afford! LOL. I did however patchwork the pockets (smiles)

And last but not least I have to yell at Lacy. Dammit Lacy you started this OMG!

I was in a certain store...cause hubby got a gift card to this "certain" store from his work and there he was...Brobee. In hot pink no less. i had to get it I had to! She HAD to have this hoodie!

Then I got to looking around some more....and I seen it....


OMG!!!! I want one for ME TOO!!!

Of course I couldnt leave without it, and I did go after all to find Maylee some long sleeved shirts, its just that this "certain" store has shirts for like 2 bucks and these were a bit more but thats OK, we blew daddy's gift card on Brobee stuff thanks to LACY! I hope your happy Lacy..your evil plan worked....I guess this is paybacks for the Chuck Norris-ing of your blog. you casted a Brobee spell on us! ROFLMAO!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My handspun wool shawl

This thing turned out so pretty, and also a lot shorter than I intended! I had 8 oz of wool dyed as you could see in my last post, and it really didnt make enough yarn to do much...but I am still happy, but the next time I want to make a big project I may spun a pound or more of wool for it LOL

And yes those are orbs in the picture. Yes I realize one is situated over my uterus, yes I am freaking out.

Anywhoo, the shawl is trimmed in this neato magenta colored fuzzy sparkly stuff I had stashed. I wanted it to have a trim and this worked well. I have it tied together in the front with a piece of that yarn, kinda lame, yes. I intend to put a nice button on here soon.

This is the back, I couldnt get a good picture of the back cause Justin was very un co-operative with me in taking pictures this night LOL

Here is the best picture Justin got but you can really see close up what it looks like. I made some boo-boos on it so its not perfect, but I love it all the same. I used a great big "Q" hook and a triple crochet stitch thru the whole thing. I wanted it to be big and open, lacy looking.

I love my kool aid dyed wool!!!

Next challenge is BAMBOO! I ordered a pound of it from Suespins on Etsy
And it should be getting here any day cause she was so awesome and shipped it so fast! I will post all my adventures with bamboo soon!