Friday, September 26, 2008

My soap was in the paper today!

LaDonna Emailed me and let me know about this article online and in the paper today about the arts and crafts fair I am doing tomorrow. I ran STRAIGHT out to the nearest gas station in that area and bought 3 case I lost one...or two hehehehe

Here are the actual pics from the paper. This was on the front page of the "Heartland" section.

<------THATS ME!

<-----Thats me again!

I dont think I have ever been in the paper before and I know for sure my art in any form has NEVER been in the paper like this and I am so flattered and honored. I cant wait till tomorrow!!!

I will blog back later and let you guys know how it went!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gearing up for Every Woman's Arts And Crafts Festival

I am getting ready for the Every Woman's Art and Craft Festival! I am one of the artists featured on the "artisans" page, go see! Its like I am famous again! LOL i am so excited about doing this...I been stuck in this house too long, and I am just so full of joy thinking about all the cool people i am gonna meet! If I make money thats great but I am mostly doing this to get out and meet some members of my street team and socialize with women my age YAY!

I got a pair of bloomers made and a new skirt made before my sewing machine called it quits again. I am gonna take it in Monday for repairs if its still acting up. Thank goodness I have no customs right now so its no big deal if its broke...well it is but you know...

So since i cant sew i been making bath and body stuff. i made 6 pounds of soap tonight in 6 different scents...I have perfected my body butter recipe and it is GOOOOOD! I will be making at least 4 different body butters tomorrow packaged in recycled baby food jars of course, and I think I may make some bath salts too, not sure yet...thinking about it still...I wish I had some more lavender buds...I used them all in some cool dryer sachets I made for the show.

But anyhoo here is the soap I made tonight, and it will be available on Etsy in Maylees Garden after the show saturday if I have any left!

Here are some close ups:

This is Orange, tangerine and sage. This smells more incredible than I thought it would. Its all essential oils in this one. I love the colors too. It turned out GREAT! I just wish the essential oils smelled stronger. I could have added a whole ounce of each scent and I dont think it would be strong enough...but some people dont like the "knock me down" smells like I like LOL. I want it strong!!!

This one is Watermelon gone wrong. I intended to make it look like slices of watermelon like my other watermelon soap...I grabbed the purple soap color instead of the pink and well here you go! LOL I went on and dyed the green part green and just rolled it up. Its super pretty in person and smells so nice!

This one is Tuberose. This is the one that got me front page but I made this one a little different. I made it more swirly looking with the blue. Its SOOOO pretty in person the picture does NO justice at all. If I have any left after the show to put on Etsy I will take good pictures I promise!

This one I made by popular request! The nice person that talked me into doing this show, LaDonna, asked if she could get some of this peppermint and Rosemary soap. I had one bar left so of course its hers! Someone else had an interest too so I decided to make a pound of it so everyone can have some peppermint rosemary love! Its got real rosemary herb on it too. My house reeks of this one...and thats NOT a bad thing! All essential oils in this one too, from Brambleberry. Their essential oils rock, they are pretty strong. I will be ordering all my essential oils from them from here on out!

This one is gorgeous and the pictures again do NO justice to this beautifully colored soap! This is scented with "Purple Passion" It smells purple too. Kinda grape-ey and fruity. I love this one and I am not sure I can ever get it again. I had half an ounce left, enough to make a pound, but the seller I bought it from on Ebay quit selling there a while back. I do love this scent though, and if there is any of this left when I get back its going on Etsy!

I had just enough oil left to make a one pound batch of my best seller, Nag Champa. I think i will always make it to look like this. Its so much fun to make and its so recognizable too! This one smells wonderful, and is good and strong the way I like it. I cut these into 2 ounce slices, so i have a lot here and I will be selling them a bit cheaper since its a smaller amount. So when I get back if there is any left, it goes on Etsy first, i promise. I got people fiending for this stuff LOL.

Well thats it for the fun new soaps. My house smells incredible as you can imagine. I get whiffs of purple passion, and peppermint, and sage...even Maylee comes around sniffing. Her father took her outside to play while i was making soap and when she came in I could hear her sniffing the air LOL I guess she liked what she smelled. It was when I was mixing up the Purple Passion soap. Man, that stuff smells so good! YUM! Even Maylee agrees!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A sweet trade

I just did this trade with Lacey from Monkeylips on Etsy and I have to tell you guys she is SOOO FREAKING KIND!!!!!!!!!!

I was expecting the adorable brown and pink knitted gloves I swapped soap for, but no I get those AND a present wrapped up for Maylees Birthday coming up. Check this out!


Is Maylee cute or what! I cant thank you enough for this awesome trade, Maylee needed something JUST like this for winter to keep her little ears warm and the shoes fit PERFECT! OMG they are darling!!! I opened the package and seen that present for her and tore into it, and I immediatly placed Maylee on the couch and dressed her up and took pictures LOL I am so grateful to you!!

Here is a pic of the incredible gloves I got...the craftsmanship is exquisite! I envy her skillz! I hope someday i can crochet stuff with that kind of skill!

Here are some more cute pictures of Maylee just cause we all cant get enough of her hehehehe

Please, Please go check out Monkeylips on Etsy. Her shop is mega cool and I have had her hearted for some time now cause I am in love with her stuffs.

Thanks again for the very generous and thoughtful trade. may you have MANY blessings in your life for helping out my little Maylee to stay warmer this winter!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

B.E.S.T. Bluegrass Etsy Street team

Yep, I am a member of a real live street team! I did the myspace page for us too...its OK I wish I could put in more slideshows and stuff. We also have a Flickr page with 3 whole members wow.You can go to Etsy and search keyword TEAMBLUEGRASS to find ALL our stuff. There is a really great blog with all our shops and blogs and all kinds of other stuff and I am "Member of the week" YEEEE HAAW!! Check it out! This means I am famous all over! I am just getting too big for my britches huh? Pretty soon no one will be able to live with me. I been running the "front page of Etsy" thing in the ground since thursday and now this! If you find me floating face down in the Ohio River, THEY did it and they had every right so dont blame them roflmao!

Oh and I made a treasury of our stuff go check it out before it expires!

So now that I am an official member of the street team I am doing a craft show Saturday! YAY! If anyone reading is anywhere near Radcliff Kentucky Stop by! Its called the "Every Woman's Arts And Crafts Festival" It sounds really cool, and I am pretty excited. This is the first time in like 2 years I got brave enough to do a craft show. The last one I lost my ass on cause I only made like 18 bucks in sales and it costed me 35 to set up there....I am sure this one will turn out different though. I am confident. And if not, its really nice to get out and socialize and stuff.

I will be sharing a booth with one of my team members too she makes really cute cat stuff. I loves the kittehs! her shop is called Purrprints
You should check out her shop, her stuff is really great! I am excited to be sharing booth space with her! I hope she dont mind smelling nice soap all day cause I sure dont mind looking at cute kittehs all day LOL

I will report back and let you guys know how the show went. For now I got to go sew stuff and make some soap and get ready! AHHH! I need more stuff to sell!!!!!!! (trying not to freak out, trying really hard)