Monday, September 22, 2008

A sweet trade

I just did this trade with Lacey from Monkeylips on Etsy and I have to tell you guys she is SOOO FREAKING KIND!!!!!!!!!!

I was expecting the adorable brown and pink knitted gloves I swapped soap for, but no I get those AND a present wrapped up for Maylees Birthday coming up. Check this out!


Is Maylee cute or what! I cant thank you enough for this awesome trade, Maylee needed something JUST like this for winter to keep her little ears warm and the shoes fit PERFECT! OMG they are darling!!! I opened the package and seen that present for her and tore into it, and I immediatly placed Maylee on the couch and dressed her up and took pictures LOL I am so grateful to you!!

Here is a pic of the incredible gloves I got...the craftsmanship is exquisite! I envy her skillz! I hope someday i can crochet stuff with that kind of skill!

Here are some more cute pictures of Maylee just cause we all cant get enough of her hehehehe

Please, Please go check out Monkeylips on Etsy. Her shop is mega cool and I have had her hearted for some time now cause I am in love with her stuffs.

Thanks again for the very generous and thoughtful trade. may you have MANY blessings in your life for helping out my little Maylee to stay warmer this winter!

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