Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was featured on a blog! YAY!

Go check out this awesome collection of stuff.

Kellibeans was kind enough to include my art collage skirt in the mix with all this talent, I am so proud!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More guerrilla marketing tips from Pam Hawk

Well Pam did it again. This time the post is based on Media type marketing tips, Go check it out and enjoy! Remember it never hurts to contact your local paper, especially if your in a small town they will most likely LOVE to hear your story!

Thanks again Pam for posting such valuable info for us to use!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Need your help with scents!

Ok I have a craft show to do saturday. I am making lotions like mad HOPING they will sell, and I am also planning a batch of soap for thursday. Now help me out guys, I dont know what to make everything smell like!!!!

I know what sells on etsy and artfire, but I am not sure about this show cause I never did it before. I have NO idea what people in Kentucky like...yes I lived here all my life....I know, I know....

So please vote in the poll to your right and let me know what YOU think may sell, and I will choose scents from that category plus a few others and we will see how well it sells! My heart says go with the sweet candy scents...but judging by the sales at my last show a month ago I think the fruity scents may win out...but I dunno! I may make a few of each and hope for the best but honestly I dont want to be bringing any lotion home with me LOL Its so good I want everybody to have some!

Oh yeah, and I decided on flip top bottles for the lotion packaging for summertime. Now when winter comes around i will go back to the baby food jars cause I dont have to worry about product melting and leaking out when its freezing outside. The votes were a tie between baby food jars and the squeezy bottles, so I went with squeezy bottles. I dont have to worry about them leaking. Thanks for your help on that one too!

Oh yeah and my team has a new giveaway for June. If I was you I would totally get in on this one too. The prize was donated by the mega talented Jama Watts...she let me TOUCH her necklaces she makes!!!!!....she has made a gorgeous pair of earrings for the lucky winner of our blog contest, so head over there and enter!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Matchbook Notebook how to tutorial

One of our newest members, kellibeans was so kind to make this AWESOME slideshow tutorial for us with pictures! Its on how to make a matchbook notebook, which would be awesome for marketing your shop.

All you would have to do is use a sticky address label to affix your shops important info to the front cover, or if your really skilled in Microsoft Word or any of the photo editor programs you could print a sheet of coverstock with your shops name, info and colors! Talk about making an appearance! You can get a package of coverstock for about 12 bucks at staples, enough to make a bazillion of these notebooks, this would be an awesome way to market your etsy or artfire shop.

I find handing out business cards is nice but if you hand out something USEFUL like a notebook people are more likely to check out your shop cause they will be USING your "Business card". I keep all the magnet business cards I get on my fridge and those are a great idea too.