Monday, October 27, 2008

I got tagged

So the deal is I have to tell you guys 7 random facts about myself that you didnt know...this is hard cause my life is a pretty open book, so i am gonna have to dig deep here

1.) When I was in school, I used to play musical instruments! WOW! I played violin for a lot of years and then switched to guitar in middle school. I would still be playing today but my love of music has was a constant love thru my whole life till recently...weird huh. But I LUUURRVES Annette Neuman

2.) I have ate with my hands. My husband is Muslim and they eat with their ya didnt know THAT! LOL When I met him I was fascinated by this whole eating with hands thing, so I did it too for a lot of years...I miss it. Its nice to feel your food. I quit cause I got my nails done...yeah ME, I got my nails done OMG! I havent done it since and it was like 5 years ago...I just done it cause there were some really handsome Asian guys working...I am awful. I am married now and I dont look at hot Asian guys no more but back then.....

3.) I find too much joy in little things. This is a good thing I guess, but gets me a lot of stares in places of commerce...imagine hearing a squealing shrieking lady in the next aisle at the grocery look and she is dancing in the aisle holding packets of Kool-Aid...yes, it can be a problem for me....

4.) I am a hardcore truthseeker AKA conspiracy theorist. I am not into the Alex Jones kind of conspiracy where there is no hope and they are going to put us all in concentration camps, but I am more of a, "Yes there is a small group of insecure people wanting total power over the whole planet, and yes, there is a LOT I can do about it. First thing is realizing we are infinite consciousness, and breaking out of the box. I dont want to go into it all here, but google David Icke, and my personal hero Freeman...Freeman answered one of my emails to him (giggles) I like Freeman. I dont tell many people about my conspiracy side...I figure everyone is happy in their view of the world so why burst their bubble...but lately It has been on my heart to do more to get the word out, so look for me on your streetcorner with a bullhorn...kinda like Alex Jones only with a quieter voice LOL

5.) I love the smell of books. I do. I could open up a book and sniff it all day long. That smell reminds me of knowledge...I am such a nerd.

6.) I love all things pink and green. I love ruffles and girly frilly looks. I love victorian stuff of all kinds, and if I had a choice I would live in a huge victorian style house with nothing but the finest victorian furniture...and I would walk around it in one of those huge dresses with the ruffles and lace waving myself with a fan that also has ruffles and lace while looking at my daughter covered in ruffles and lace, and the boys with ruffles...Ok thats going too far! They would kill me! LOL

7.) I used to be a skater. Yes, I had a skateboard, and I rode it everywhere! I loved skating. I also used to be a size 9/10....but that was a long time ago. I listened to lots of skater music like the Dead Milkmen, The Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies...I cried when Joey Ramone died. That sucked.

So thats my list, and now I have to tag 7 other people...gosh I dont know who to tag and Maylee is awake now so i have to go give her kisses! If I think of 7 people soon I will let you guys know but I got to run and give kisses now...Its tough being a mom (wink)