Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving right along

Since last time I wrote we have got so much done. Its been a busy month! We got our driveway ready thanks to a nice guy who works at the quarry not far from the big town here. And after much headache we got the trailer moved! Mostly it was rain that kept setting us back but we finally got it done and boy was I happy to see this sight

Thats them coming with the trailer. What a relief!

So now that its on site we have a lot of work to do but first...some pics of how we got to this point. Hang on to your seat cause this is exciting!

We had a pretty major issue of how to mow off the land...we couldnt find no one to do it so we took matters in our own hands. We figured gas is reasonably priced right now and lighters are very affordable so lets do this! you can see it kinda got out of hand....the fire went up in one of my cedar trees and the wind blew it over to the next field across the dirt we not only had one fire but two...and all we could do is stand there and watch in amazement/horror as the fire burned so quick  thru everything. We ended up calling the fire dept who happens to be just right down the street from my mom who lives about 5 miles from luck would have it the fire dept holds bingo on saturdays and when mom is feeling frisky she likes to go and play and gossip with the other old women...

so there is mom sitting there playing bingo, minding her own business when the bingo caller announces he has to leave right now there is a call for a fire and he has to go help. He is of course totally excited cause they dont get no calls much down there. Mom said he was grinning and everything (sigh) So he leaves and this other lady calls bingo while the real caller is gone fighting a fire....MY fire (sigh again) I swear to god I cant hide shit from mom LOL! The good side is, mom thinks that because this *new* caller was calling is why she got to bingo least there is a good side to this.

So moms bingo caller and a bunch of other guys show up in cute lil trucks to fight our fire...they were really super nice. We didnt get the attitude that we normally get from fire dept people (Me and hubs had a bad experience with them at work once, they came on a false call made by another nurse and was less than kind about it) we watched them bring their trucks over the hill Noor says,"You know, we should have brought a fire extinguisher." yep...two brainiacs here trying to do something like this...yep..

a month later we get a nice bill for 500 bucks. Its OK. I doubt we could have got it mowed so nice for so cheap LOL, and all the burnt grass is like fertilizer!  I always try to see the good side of things. Nonetheless we wont be burning off a field again. I was pretty scared. And in case your wondering, there isnt a house anywhere near where this occured other than the shed our neighbor lives in..and the fire got no where near his property. Its pretty big and open out here...

So now that we got the grass problem taken care of we then was able to move the trailer, and then comes the remodeling..ugh

Purple and orange for my bedroom. The small bedroom is the same color purple tooo. I really liked it...obviously. I also scrubbed and cleaned the carpets so we could keep them. Other than the paint that Maylee got on them, they look quite nice. Maylee helped me paint of course.

As of right now we are STILL working on getting the floor put in. We need to replace all the floors but we are running out of time! We need to get out of here by the 10th, so we will replace the living room floor which is the worst and hope for the best.

We also have a horsie! He isnt ours he is the neighbors horse but he eats my grass and keeps it mowed and I appreciate it a bunch even if he does poop in front of my door LOL

Maylee is pretty scared of the horses even though she acts like she isnt...she is so cute LOL

This is what I get to wake up to every day from now on...Just look at that big sky!

I need to get my garden tilled up ASAP too. I got a bunch of heirloom seeds to plant! I am gonna have a 100% organic heirloom garden this year thanks to these fine Etsy Sellers:

The Bearfoot Shaman

Wall Flower Studio

Azure Dandelion

SmokyMist Gardens 

I have got some really fun varieties of veggies from some of these sellers. I highly recommend them all, as they have been a joy to work with. Ship fast too!

OK I gotta run we are planning on doing more remodeling today since hubs is actually off...this thing is so slow going cause he has been working so much but next week he is off! So we can get this show on the road!

Prayers and well wishes welcome for a safe move from Louisville to Rough River. Thanks guys!