Thursday, November 6, 2008

New skirts

OK These pictures defy physics, they suck AND blow. But its the best I can do for now while my camera batteries are charging. Here is the Artsy Collage skirt

I am looking at the bad clouds in the sky, I still have to go out and I dont like going out when its raining! And besides I just cleaned out new van!

Of course Tyler takes pictures when I have the dumbest looks on my face or when I am talking to him so I look stupid.

Or he takes pictures when I am messing with my hair so I look extra stupid (sigh)

This skirt is my new Tinkerbell skirt! I have very few pictures of it cause my camera batteries died and are recharging right now. I really wanted to show this one off so I am posting these pictures even though they suck big time.

The front is one of those baby blanket quilt panel things. I cut it into an A-Line and I had the most incredible purple batik with blue spots in it. I could not have matched these up any better, and believe it or not each fabric was bought on a sererate shopping trip! Even the green at the bottom with the blue in it was bought at a different time and they all just came together in my kitchen today! I wish I had a good picture of the fabrics...I will get one tomorrow. Noor is off and as soon as it hits noon he is taking pictures!

The back of this I appliqued one of the fairies from the leftover part of the panel. You can see Maylee following me with a bag of cinnamon cereal LOL. God I wish these pictures was at least CLEAR!

There is a pocket which you cant see in the pictures real good, but I made it of a piece of the quilt panel that had stars on it...its cool!I sewed a piece of silver metallic ric rac on the top of it.

Tomorrow I will have good pictures of BOTH skirts but for now this is the best I got for tonight.

The Art Of Destashing

I have a lot of stuff...I have to get rid of some of it even though it breaks my little heart (sigh) I am digging thru my fabrics and parting with some like this one here ----->

Thats an old Alexander Henry fabric called Fiesta Serape. Its brand new, never been washed or anything. You can find the listing here

I got another one that breaks my heart to part with but I just really dont think I am ever gonna use it for anything. Its 3 yards long in one piece and its made by Robert kaufman I am thinking this is from the old Sakura line but I am not positive

I was gonna make pants or a skirt but am not feeling inspired yet by this fabric so hopefully its new owner will make it into something gorgeous.

I also have buttloads of trims I have amassed and need to unload cause i know I will NEVER use some of them.

These are some wide trims too,Most of them are over 10 yards as well. If ya wanna check out my destashing adventures and maybe hook yourself up with a good deal in the process, go here

I will be posting more as I make my way thru my stash. I also have some clothing I have..."outgrown" that I need to unload as well but you cant sell used stuff on Etsy so I am wondering how I am gonna get rid of all my stuff. I would do ebay but ebay scares me now. And the fees are so damn high I wont make nothing by cleaning out my closet like I used to.

If anyone has a suggestion where I could sell my gently used handmade clothing I would appreciate it. I thought about setting up a folder on myspace and trying there...I dunno. Everything I am wanting to get rid of is about a size 18 to 20...My body changed a lot from having Maylee and I cant fit a lot of it no more, and some of it I am just ready to see it go to a new home! Its sitting in my closet unloved and needs to be loved.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New toy, like I need something else to do

Has anyone heard of Twitter? well now you have and I wish to warn you its addictive. If anyone wants to follow me on there my profile is HERE

I think I like this thing too much.

If you have a moment, befriend me there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blanket post covering my vacation from Halloween till now

Ahhh vacation. Somehow right now I envision myself in a bikini laying on a beach...thats how I feel anyways. I have got SO many projects done that have been sitting here for a month or more. I will start with Halloween and what we did or rather DIDNT do:

Halloween. Thanks to Justin we had to cut it short and come home early cause he faked (BIG time fake!) a horrible stomach problem. The way he was moaning I was thinking possible appendicitis srsly. So Maylee was a fairy, Justin was Darth Vader, Tyler made his own outfit and was a haunted washing machine. It was a pretty cool outfit too. i wasnt able to get a picture of him though. I wish I would have.Justin in the end just wanted to come home to play the Wii. I had to take the remote out of his hand to get him to pay attention to me once I got him home when I was asking him if his stomach hurt here...and here..and Justin pay attention..does THIS hurt...I was a little upset over it. I was honestly scared. He has cerebral palsy and its almost impossible for him to communicate, and all I was seeing was distress, he cant talk well enough to tell me if he needs to use the bathroom, if it feels like gas...nothing. i have to go by what I can assess from him, I got to use my nursing skillz with him big time, and he got me good.It was Maylees first real Halloween, and she only got barely a handful of candy.Look how sad she is here:
She is STILL packing around her halloween bag I got from GinnyMacks Crafts on Etsy She is so cute with it.

I made her outfit. I made the tutu, and her wings were a last minute throw together thing cause I felt so bad last week I could hardly get my customs done, much less concentrate on Halloween! They turned out cute anyways

Here is Maylee with her dad. He dressed up like a dirty Asian guy this year...hehehehe. Just kidding, he looks like that all the time. I think one of the things that attracted me to him was the fact he dresses like a homeless person...I do too sometimes LOL

Oh and the soft drink is NOT Maylees, its Noor's and he knows at his age he shouldnt drink that crap (he is gonna be the big 40 in December!)

This is what a happy woman looks like -->

Remember my art skirt?? Well its finally done!

I got the blue fabric to finish it up from JanMarie on Etsy
Its an Alexander Henry print called "Bubbles"?? I think?? It is WAY more gorgeous than the pictures let on. There are small silver metallic dots in this fabric along with the blue and white bubble looking dots. It turned out to be perfect for the skirt. I used an emerald green cotton with gold metallic streaks thru it like marble for the ruffle. This skirt ties in the back so a skinnier person could have a bustle here on this big booty! LOL

I am not posting it for sale just yet. I want some good pictures, I mean REALLY good pictures of this. So I will wait till Noor is off in the morning and see what we can do. I am even gonna fix my hair for this one LOL I may put on makeup too so watch out!

I am so proud of this skirt. All total I have about 12 hours logged on it counting all the collage work on the front panel and the putting together the skirt fabric in the back. i cut the panels for that real small cause I like the way it makes the skirt look to have small panels. I topstitched all the french seams too cause I like the way that looks in a skirt. It is very well made. I would recommend hand washing only because some of the trims I used on the front panel may be dry clean only. There are a lot of sequin trims and bead trims on there, plus I used yarn on it too and I dont know if it would get ratty looking going thru the washer or not.

There is a lil bit of everything in this skirt...glittery sequins, iridescnet threads, silver metallic threads, Hand sewn on buttons of every kind. Some new some vintage. Scraps of fabric, ric rac,
patchwork....too much to remember. I just used whatever would "work" and was close to my hand at the time LOL I love the way it turned out. So be looking for it on Etsy sometime this week with GOOD pictures.

<-- My next project I was excited to complete was this one. I have had these pants cut out since the week after we got back from Chicago. I got this awesome corduroy at JoAnns Fabric shop up there, and it was the first thing I tore into when I got home. Of course I never had time to work on them so they sat on the table next to me waiting patiently for me to applique these cute flowers on them and make them into awesome pants.
I am undecided if I wanna sell these or keep em. I love the applique, and I dont have many pants for this winter....I am real tempted to keep em. I have more corduroy and will be definitly making a pair for sale...these just make me feel warm and fuzzy, but I may go on and sell them anyways...I am still debating!

arent the flowers sweet. I love how they turned out! I used blue felt for the centers of them and used a big zig zag stitch in black thread to stitch them on. I like the look.

So thats it so far, from my disaster of a halloween where I really thought I would end up in an ER all night with Justin who just really wanted to get home to play the Wii, to my truimphant precious art skirt.

I have three pair of pants cut out for Maylee to make tomorrow, a pair of pants for each of the boys, and I have promised my cousin and my mom some bloomers, so I got to get those cut out tomorrow and hopefully sewed up.

I ordered some new fragrance oils online this morning for my soap, and I got some more shea butter too. If anyone out there makes soap and needs a damn good unrefined shea butter at a damn good price go here to 3funkygirls on Etsy. She ships quick, and packages VERY well. I highly recommend her cause her shea butter kicks some serious butt. I LOVE it, and I swear I will only buy from her forever! SO be looking for new body butters and new soaps this week too. I am having a ball getting projects done that have been sitting, and making things I been dying to make. I love this vacation. i think its the best thing I have done in a while.

Oh and to top it off, on Saturday if all works out (crossing fingers here) I am gonna get to meet one of my favorite bloggers, and I will get to see Mari again from my street team. Mari takes the worlds best pictures of her awesome jewelry, and Rachel has awesome pictures of her farm, and just a very good blog. I really honestly enjoy reading it. I dont read too many blogs cause I dont have much time, but when I get time I check her first.She also has this great soap shop on Etsy, and She is thinking I am gonna teach her some tricks of the trade (wink) She will be making weird looking Nag Champa soap in no time! LOL Its nice to get out and talk to people my own age that dont scream while pointing to a cookie box, and dont try to bite me, and dont poopie in their diapers...I look forward to meeting my friends, Its always great to meet someone for real that I have met online. There are SOOO many of you guys I wanna meet! I wish we all lived in the same neighborhood!

Hopefully i will get to post again soon with more pictures of my handiwork I am getting done on my vacation (puts sunglasses back on and smiles very big)