Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Art Of Destashing

I have a lot of stuff...I have to get rid of some of it even though it breaks my little heart (sigh) I am digging thru my fabrics and parting with some like this one here ----->

Thats an old Alexander Henry fabric called Fiesta Serape. Its brand new, never been washed or anything. You can find the listing here

I got another one that breaks my heart to part with but I just really dont think I am ever gonna use it for anything. Its 3 yards long in one piece and its made by Robert kaufman I am thinking this is from the old Sakura line but I am not positive

I was gonna make pants or a skirt but am not feeling inspired yet by this fabric so hopefully its new owner will make it into something gorgeous.

I also have buttloads of trims I have amassed and need to unload cause i know I will NEVER use some of them.

These are some wide trims too,Most of them are over 10 yards as well. If ya wanna check out my destashing adventures and maybe hook yourself up with a good deal in the process, go here

I will be posting more as I make my way thru my stash. I also have some clothing I have..."outgrown" that I need to unload as well but you cant sell used stuff on Etsy so I am wondering how I am gonna get rid of all my stuff. I would do ebay but ebay scares me now. And the fees are so damn high I wont make nothing by cleaning out my closet like I used to.

If anyone has a suggestion where I could sell my gently used handmade clothing I would appreciate it. I thought about setting up a folder on myspace and trying there...I dunno. Everything I am wanting to get rid of is about a size 18 to 20...My body changed a lot from having Maylee and I cant fit a lot of it no more, and some of it I am just ready to see it go to a new home! Its sitting in my closet unloved and needs to be loved.

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Pam Hawk said...

Love the poppies fabric. I can think of all kinds of things to sew with it. Unfortunately, I've got the same problem - boxes and boxes of fabric that I'll never be able to get to. Good luck with your destash!