Monday, November 17, 2008

Pay It Forward

My friend Sara, AKA Momwithahook just made this blog post about paying it forward. I think this is a wonderful idea, and I am a firm believer in sending random acts of kindness whenever the urge strikes. I myself send out tons of them thru the year to random victims (evil laugh) and my gifts of love are almost always needed for one reason or another and always appreciated. The only time I take a break from my RAOK's is in November and December for fear someone will think its a Christmas gift rather than a gift of love. However if I was impressed to send someone something during these months I would not hesitate if I sensed a real need.

I think we should all jump on the PIF bandwagon. Go see Sara's Post for more info!

Nothing says, "Hey, man I love ya!" Like something handmade and unexpected.

new listings on etsy

I am listing stuff again cause the sun finally came out today in Kentucky YAY!

I have a few pair of bloomers, one in flannel one in fleece and another in a muslin type butterfly print fabric. I also have a pair of bloomers in muslin I am experimenting on, but more on that later

The fleece bloomers are for the more goddess sized mama and these measure 74 inches in the hip stretched out so this would fit a size 22 and on up. I have these priced nicely as well. I got a good price on the fleece, and with fleece being 60 inches wide I can make larger bloomers like this without haveing to charge more for extra fabric. I will be open to more customs sometime in December so if you want a pair I can hook you up!

the flannel bloomers are so soft and so warm too! These are cute as can be under a skirt as shown here. this skirt will be listed very soon. its made from an Alexander Henry print I fell in love with. its a simple skirt and the print is very bold, thats one thing I love about Alexander Henry stuff. Its BOLD!

I have a similar Alexander Henry fabric for sale in my shop right now too. If your interested....

So go check out my bloomers! I am officially up to my eyeballs in a custom and probably wont be listing any more for a week or so. If ya want em come and get em!

I have new soap today as well...

EggNog! I love how this one turned out. I molded it in a square box and sliced it in slices and it looks like a cake or something. i smells just like egg nog too. great for the holidays! It too is soon to be listed

This one is originally called "Christmas Cabin" After I made it I decided it smells nothing at all like a Christmas Cabin but it DOES smell like every truck driver I have ever met. This is a cross between Brut and Old Spice, a kick in the nuts from Chuck Norris with a Karate chop to the throat from Bruce Lee. This is the manly man's scent. this is for the guy that climbs mount Everest JUST to pee off of it. This is for the guy who eats his steak raw, and uses duct tape to hold together deep flesh wounds rather than get some "sissy" stitches. If you have a manly man like this in your life, get him some soap! If he even still bathes he would love this!

More soaps to come soon! I have 7 new scents all total I will be listing all week. So check my store periodically to see whats up!