Monday, November 17, 2008

Pay It Forward

My friend Sara, AKA Momwithahook just made this blog post about paying it forward. I think this is a wonderful idea, and I am a firm believer in sending random acts of kindness whenever the urge strikes. I myself send out tons of them thru the year to random victims (evil laugh) and my gifts of love are almost always needed for one reason or another and always appreciated. The only time I take a break from my RAOK's is in November and December for fear someone will think its a Christmas gift rather than a gift of love. However if I was impressed to send someone something during these months I would not hesitate if I sensed a real need.

I think we should all jump on the PIF bandwagon. Go see Sara's Post for more info!

Nothing says, "Hey, man I love ya!" Like something handmade and unexpected.


Pam Hawk said...

I love this idea. Will go check her out. Thanks!

(Hey, nice blog header!)

BTW... I nominated you for an award! Stop by the Pass It On Plates blog when you have a minute and check it out...
Later, tater!
- Pam

Corinne Sullivan said...

Love the new banner! Pretty! As one of your "victims" PIFs are an awesome idea and as a practicer myself, I hope it catches on more! Great post!

Kreated by Kelly said...

Hey Sweet Cheeks!! haha, I have always wanted to say that "sweet cheeks" *giggles* Anyhoo, I am off to check out Sara's blog post about PIFing!!! Love ya!!

Corinne Sullivan said...

You have been awarded the Marie Antoinette for great blogging award! Visit to pick your award up!