Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicago Trip WHAT FUN!

Here is Maylee standing next to a picture OF the sears tower INSIDE the sears tower. Thats one conceited tower!

The elevator to the top goes SO fast your ears pop and stuff. It goes 18 miles an hour! Its really fast and they play this dumb video with annoying cartoon characters to get your mind off the fact that if that cable broke your in a world of hurt cause they got like 20 people crammed in that elevator and its heavy....A little unnerving but nonetheless...

It was super cold in Chicago...not real bad but like in the low 60's and we are used to still sweating our butts off here in Kentucky. So thanks to Monkeylips I had this hat to put on Maylee cause it really is the Windy City up there and she would have got a bad ear ache if it wasnt for this hat, so thank you again! for the beautiful gift to my baby...I still cant thank you enough LOL

This is the view from the top of the Sears Tower. You can see Lake Michigan on the right and a whole buncha buildings to the left...this stretches as far as the eye can see. I live in Louisville, Ky and its a decent size town, but you can fit 40 of Louisville in this place, srsly.

We had the pleasure of staying in this place on Saturday night...this turned out to be one of those fine establishments that rents rooms out by the hour....and has "free movies" Unfortunately my kids found out what kind of movies as Noor gave them the keys to the room and let them go first...of course the coveted TV gets switched on first. I hear them exclaim about "porn" on TV and I immediately disconnect the cable...I was a wee bit mad cause the dude that rented us a room seen we had a van full of kids ya know....oh well. I will just mark this up as one of the "Ghetto" inns that we have stayed at over the years...some day we can get a ritzier place without fist fights upstairs in middle of the night, and men with scantily clad women going to and from the place all hours of the night....geez. It was the first place we could find and yes we were THAT desperate for a place to stay!

The motel may have sucked really bad, but the food...oh the food! When you get out on Devon Ave you can find ANYTHING you want to eat, and its cheap and good! I ate the best Dal curry of my life Sunday morning before we went to the Sears tower. This is a picture of the kids playing inside one of the fine establishments we ate at. My goodness the veggie curry was to die for...these people can cook SOOO good, I wish some of them would move here and open up a store on the corner of my street LOL. I love
Indian food, and there was plenty of it here.

This is the death trap we drove up there...cool huh?

Cops really DO hang out at Dunkin Donuts!!!! Here is proof!

Tyler walking down a street after eating some awesome Indian food!

This is us at the Sears tower...Tyler took the picture, but thats Justin in the orange shirt, and me and Noor (hubby) holding Maylee....dont know who the guy in the stripedy shirt is....

And I gotta represent my heritage while I am hanging out here. I missed Shabbos cause we was driving around breaking the Shabbos looking for a motel LOL I found this cool sign on Saturday too....

Shabbos special...chinese food LOL. I HAD to take a picture of this one LOL.

On our way home Sunday we stopped at this candy factory...they had a chocolate fountain inside, but it was blocked off in such a way I couldnt drink from it or swim in it...damn.

This place was so cool, and got 35 bucks of our hard earned money...THIS is why i am fat guys. Its the chocolate...if peanut butter and chocolate were illegal to eat, then I would be skinny...

I wish I could post more pictures, but I could take up my whole blog talking about this trip! LOL

I wanted to leave you with a lil something if you ever plan on going to Chicago be aware traffic feels just like this big knot all the time LOL. This is where a bunch of highways meet....we drove on this. In the deathtrap. It wasnt fun. Traffic is a nightmare, so be prepared! I love Chicago, but I would never live there. I love going to visit though. I honestly thought with our financial situation i would never get to see it again...and there I was over the weekend! You just really never know whats gonna happen!

Another lil update on my life for you guys that are constant readers...I came home from this trip to find out my father had passed away from a massive heart attack. He died instantly as far as the coroner could tell so thats a blessing he did not suffer one bit. If you could keep us in your prayers I would be most appreciative. I will still be making soap and making my pretty plus size clothes...I am just gonna be taking a break this week, and hoping to resume my normal work schedule this weekend. Thanks so much for the love guys.