Saturday, February 6, 2010

A year of Dreadlocks

Well guys its been a whole year since I got dreads.I am pretty excited to show how they have progressed in this year! This Picture to the right is me today with year old dreads, here are more pics:
If you want to see the post I made the day I got my dreads done click here

Here is the pic of me the day I got them done

This is before I went to the salon

This is after I came back from the salon

This is 2 months into it. I am losing the length on my hair at this point too...keep in mind I have NEVER cut it except for some witchy dead ends when the dreads were about 7 months old. Those ends wouldnt lock up for nothing so off they went but it was only an inch or two...

This is me today:


I went thru such an "ugly duckling" phase with these about 4 months into it I was wondering if I reallly wanted to do this or not cause I looked SO bad. You could not tell I had dreads it just looked like I didnt comb my hair, and it was embarrassing to go out without my head wrapped up in a cloth.

Thru my dreadlocks adventure I have learned a lot about myself, and that was one of my goals for getting dreads. I learned that hair shrinks a LOT when its locking up too!!!

I have learned to have patience, especially with the cashier who laughed out loud at me for having dreads...laughed HARD too, not just a giggle..That ALMOST hurt my feelings, it was a close call on that one LOL I have learned I am still a bit vain after all these years, cause I was so embarrassed to go out during months 4 thru 6 before my dreads miraculously locked up.

One thing that did help my dreads lock up quick was making sure my hair was clean. For my particular hair it was not in my best interest to go without washing it for weeks like people told me to do, once I started washing it, it locked up. Greasy dirty hair cant get locked up. Thats the way my hair works anyways.

I started making dreadlock shampoo bars cause I didnt want to buy the stuff of course, and I noticed a huge difference. My advice is use a plain simple soap on your hair, no conditioners nothing fancy, just a plain castile soap and you will see a big difference. I dont care if you buy it from me or someone else, just buy handmade! Be good to your dreads, you got em for life! Make sure nothing gets built up in em!

in a way my tree like twisty crazy looking locs have grounded me. Like the roots of a tree. I am happy I did this. Its been one fun adventure for sure.