Friday, February 6, 2009

My new dreads!

I wanted to post last night but we had to take Tyler to karate class and then we watched a Kung-Fu movie so I didnt have time but anyhoo I HAVE DREADS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me before I went to the salon. Oh and if anyone reading this is in Lousiville Ky I can give you the name and number of the nice lady who did mine. She gave me her website and I would post it here but I cant get it to come up! AHHH! I would love to see her pictures and share it with you guys but it dont work I will have to call her and get her to clarify the web address for me but anyways!

here is me now! I love my hair!

If you want to see ALL the pictures I took of my hair I have a photo album on photobucket of everything. I hate to post them all here cause that would make the page hard to load for those still on dial up...I know your out there, crawling the web like an arthritic dinosaur.

No wax or other funky stuff was used in making my dreads. these are all natural baby! I love the lady who did them for me, she was a Rasta and it was so refreshing to talk to her. She is all about love and acceptance, it was VERY nice to talk to her and I would love to be her friend! I cant wait to go back and see her in 2 weeks for my touch up. I have so much I would love to talk to her about since she is of like mind. I had no idea about Rasta stuff until I met her. It sounds like something I would be interested in so I am reserching it. Anything about love and light makes me feel warm and fuzzy and I totally believe in synchronicity and I believe I was sent across her path for a reason. She totally uplifted me and just really made my day go so much better. I feel so pretty and so energetic again!

I was feeling kinda down on myself before I left to get my hair done but since I have this new 'do I just feel on top of the world! MAybe this is what I been needing for so long...and I finally feel like I am complete...I look the way I feel if that makes sense...kinda like the whole "woman trapped in a mans body" thing but this has to do with my hair not anything about sex or gender confusion...I am 100% sure I am a woman inside and out LOL

Ok I am babbling. I got to go do stuff and Maylee has been up all morning and her father is being kind enough to watch her...must be my dreads! LOL He seems to like them a lot too which is nice to be getting so much attention ya know. I will enjoy it while it lasts!


HeatherRai said...

Wow! You look so pretty Libby, and she did a fantastic job! I love them and I'm so glad you had an uplifting day - always nice isn't it :-)

Anonymous said...

Those are cool, you can see mine from just before christmas on Facebook. Just posted them not too long ago. Your's look great. Wish I had a natural backcombing queen here. -- T. hates dreads thus the torturous combing out of the ones that formed on there own.

Homeopath said...

I noticed that one of your interests was homeopathy. I am new to blogger but intend on postings some interesting entries there that you might enjoy. Your blog is great.

Kyfarmlife said...

Libby! First let me say I HAVE MISSED YOU! LOL
and your hair is rockin! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I wish I had long hair to do things with....but isnt it wonderful how a new do or haircolor can lift your spirits????
LOL Your beautiful chic!

Pam said...

Hi Libby!

I'm having a blogwarming party on my blog and one of the activities is a scavenger hunt to encourage my readers to visit links in my blogroll. Since your blog is one of my own regular reads, of course, you're in my blogroll.

I'd like to invite you to participate in the scavenger hunt - it could bring some traffic and new readers to your site, as well. Full details are in a blog post I buried in my blog at:

-Pam Hawk

PS: You can delete this comment... I put it in an old post so you can find it but so it doesn't detract from your blog.

Pam said...

...oh. here it is. Duh.
I re-posted this on another post about your dreds. Sorry!!