Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new peasant top

I found this cool tutorial on making a peasant top for a baby or little kid, so I figured if it can be made for a little one it can be made for a big one too, right?

This picture here is of my second Peasant top. I made this from some awesome vintage fabric I got in a trade. It was definitely 1960's fabric. The font on the selvage edge reeeked of 60's
This below is my very first attempt. I had this fabric left over and thought I would use it to try this out. I like this top but I cut the sleeve openings at 10 inches and I should have cut them at 14 inches like I did on my last one, but oh well you create and learn!

I will be making a lot more of these as I get time to tweak the pattern I am drafting. I am gonna just have to get some muslin and go for it!

Feel free to post and let me know what you think of it. I really want honest feedback. If it sucks tell me! If there is something that looks like it needs changing let me know! I am hoping to get the pattern for this perfect so I can list some in my shop.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tyler the exterminator!

You ever hear a noise coming from your pantry and you open the door and one of them babies done got in there tearing up stuff?? I had that happen to me the other night so I had to call the exterminator....TYLER-MAN!

See the look of fear in the baby's eyes when she hears the Tyler coming....yeah, she has had it now!

Tyler goes straight to work extracting the baby from the pantry...those darn babies hang on tight too!

She wants back in!!! You cant tell here but Tyler-man is fighting her with all his might to keep her out of the pantry!! This is some intense action right here!

Finally Tyler man uses his exterminator skillz to make friends with the pantry destroying baby...she is happy at last with Tyler-man spinning her around and around till she shrieks with laughter.

The end....