Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new peasant top

I found this cool tutorial on making a peasant top for a baby or little kid, so I figured if it can be made for a little one it can be made for a big one too, right?

This picture here is of my second Peasant top. I made this from some awesome vintage fabric I got in a trade. It was definitely 1960's fabric. The font on the selvage edge reeeked of 60's
This below is my very first attempt. I had this fabric left over and thought I would use it to try this out. I like this top but I cut the sleeve openings at 10 inches and I should have cut them at 14 inches like I did on my last one, but oh well you create and learn!

I will be making a lot more of these as I get time to tweak the pattern I am drafting. I am gonna just have to get some muslin and go for it!

Feel free to post and let me know what you think of it. I really want honest feedback. If it sucks tell me! If there is something that looks like it needs changing let me know! I am hoping to get the pattern for this perfect so I can list some in my shop.

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Julie said... are so talented!!! I am amazed at all you do! It must be nice to be able to make your own clothes, and you seem to just whip them up so quickly! I like the arms in the top photo...actually I like the arms in both photos! It's nice to have variety. Very cool.