Monday, July 21, 2008

My new kimono wrap top

I made my new wrap top! I looked all over and couldnt find a tutorial and I hate patterns with a passion so I just decided to go from a picture of some pattern pieces from a simplicity pattern I found. Hey as long as I have SOMETHING I can create pretty much anything.

As soon as I got up yesterday I got to work....after scoring two treasuries on etsy hehehe I decided to make a muslin for the baby first just to get the hang of it and make sure I got the concept right and stuff. Here is her Muslin. Its literally a muslin LOL. I made it from scraps just to get the hang of this.

She loved being measured for this top too. She just giggled. LOL
I do intend to make her a bunch of these cause they are just too cute. She will look awesome in one of these with her asian features.

So here is my top. I had about 2 yards of this really cool rayon type fabric that I was never gonna use for anything sellable, and I kinda liked it since it was pink and all. So I went to town on it. I made the sleeves like real kimono sleeves too, I thought it would look cool and I was right!

Here is another shot of the sleeves. I just love em. You can see where this ties too. Its a very comfortable top, and I feel pretty fancy wearing it. I AM gonna make more of these and I am gonna make them to sell, so as soon as I can get thru all the customs I have (5 total right now) I am gonna make a bunch of these for my shop

I still look at the pictures here and I cant believe I made THIS top with no pattern basically. I drafted the pattern for this. Yeah there are a few places that need tweaking but this is just my first try at a grown up size top. I cant believe I did that. Do you guys ever feel like that? You look at something you made and you think..Damn, I MADE that with my two hands! Maybe I am too philosophical LOL.

Once I get the details worked out there will be a tutorial on this. Its gonna be for the more advanced person though LOL Your gonna have to draft your pattern like I did mine so get your calulators ready. I will show diagrams of the pattern pieces and what they should look like and stuff. I hope to have it by the end of the week but like I said I got a lot of customs and am getting over the flu...yeah I got sick. Big herbal vitamin C junkie gets the flu. I couldnt kill it off this time. Got Maylee too. Got me worse though. I sound like Darth Vader when I breathe....its kinda cool.

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Pam Hawk said...

LOL Hey Darth Vader, that is the cutest top!

Today after work I wandered around the fabric store for at least an hour, hoping to get inspired by some (*ahem* clearance) fabric, working up the guts to do what you just did.

*sigh* I came home empty handed with an idea I want to try on a purse, but no makings of a cute top like you have.

I just love your tutorials. They're so practical and down to earth and that encourages me to try to do these things. I have the whole day off Wednesday and I'm going to scrounge through my many huge tote boxes of fabric to see if I can find two yards of something that I'd be willing to wear as a shirt... then I'll see what I can do.

If all else fails, I can make myself a bunch of tiny purses out of the misshapen top, right?