Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grocery bag out of old t shirt tutorial

I have a FUN project for you guys today!
I remember somebody posted not too long ago wanting a pattern for cloth grocery bags...I couldnt find much that was super easy till now!
Step 1
Clean out your rapidly growing sons closet. find old t shirts with no holes in them.good luck!
Step 2
Lay out t shirt on a flat surface and cut out arms (cut away all the seam part, these are gonna be the openings you use to carry the bag, so make it as big or little as you like)
Cut out the neck. Cut under the rib knit part cutting away all of the seam.
Cut the bottom off so that you have about 5 or 6 inches under the arm hole. You can take this bottom part you cut off and hang on to it for now....
Step 3
Turn t shirt inside out and walk over to your sewing machine. Straight stitch a seam across the bottom once or twice depending on how confident you are. Repeat all steps for as many shirts as you can find.
Step 4
go shopping! Its Saturday have fun with your snazzy new bags! Or if your broke like me then pull out all the bottoms to the t shirts you just mutilated and.....
What the heck do I do with these bottoms????!!??
Many things!
Cut them into rectangle shaped window cleaning towels. Just snip off any seams still on them, and use it for a window cleaning towel, or a dishtowel!
Make reusable wipes for your baby!
Save them up to make a t shirt patchwork skirt!
Hang your husband from the highest tree with one!
Sew all the rectangle shapes together and make your baby a tiered skirt out of them! (make sure they are all the same width of course.)
Make a headband!
Choke your kids with them
Clean your car.
Use some strips from them to make cute ruffles on some knit fabric pants or shorts for your little girl. just sew a long stitch in the center of a 1 or 2 inch strip and pull the bobbin thread when your done and make it squish up and be ruffley and then sew it to the bottom, on the butt of course, of a pair of pants or shorts for your lil sweetheart!
I could go on but my brain is having seizures from all the thinking


Pam Hawk said...

Choke your kids with them!! ROTFL!!

(Disclaimer: I love my daughter and I know everyone loves their kid(s) and we would never actually do anything to harm their annoying little selves...)

Oh man, summer vacation is getting to you too??

Maybe we can use their too-small t-shirts from the last school year as choking devices... er, bags.

Kreated by Kelly said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!! I love tutorials!!! Some day, when I have time I might actually do all the things on my list of things to do. I'm on a total spending freeze until September 1st so I will need to be coming up with creative things to do anyways if I get bored with my choices here. My son has oodles of shirts that would probably work. I wonder if he would be peeved if I started hacking on his shirts?! He's a silly billy!!! Love ya!!