Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pillowcase dress for Maylee

I am loving these cool pillowcase dresses. I finally found directions for making them if you guys want to check out this great blog "A Safer Pillowcase Dress"

I made this one for Maylee in no time. I found the cool fabric on sale for 2.95 a yard, and it only takes half a yard to
make one. You have to buy bias tape and trim too so the total cost for this lil dress was about 5 bucks. Not bad! I had enough fabric left over to make her a matching headband and fabric cuff...I even made me a fabric cuff too so we can match when she wears her dress.

Here is a picture of her wearing the dress:

She is crawling away from me but you get the idea LOL In this picture she is headed for the garbage can...she LOVES the garbage can...and she tries as hard as she can to crawl into the bathroom too. She is quite mobile nowadays!

If you make a pillowcase dress out of regular fabric and not an actual pillowcase you can just lay the fabric flat on its original fold where its like 22 inches wide...dont open it up to the full 45 inch width. Keep it folded at 22 inches and then fold it again so it will be like 11 inches, then you can cut out both the armholes and they will match perfect. I go down about 4 inches and cut out the "J" shape three inches into the fabric, so you measure the edge of the fabric 4 inches down, and make a mark then measure three inches into the fabric from the side and make another mark Make sure the marks match and then cut out your "J" shape for the armhole.

You would want to go bigger for a bigger kid. My sweetheart is in a size 12 months right now and this measurement seems to work for her. Of course it would need to be smaller for a newborn and bigger for a toddler. Use your own judgement.

The bias tape is so easy to put on its almost a sin. You could cut your own and save a 2 bucks but I am lazy so I buy it premade LOL. I make the straps about 7 or 8 inches long.

The elastic you put in the top of the dress is so easy too. I dont do it like most people cause I hate threading elastic thru a casing, I take the full length of elastic and sew my casing around the elastic...kinda hard to explain...I never cut the elastic off the spool till I have sewn the casing, and then scrunched the fabric up around the elastic to the desired width....on this dress its about 6 inches, but I think I should have made it be about 5 inches wide. After your scrunch up the fabric around the elastic then you sew in down and THEN cut it off the spool. This saves a bunch of time and makes your casing perfect every time cause your folding and sewing around the elastic as your going...hope I didnt confuse anyone LOL. Its a trick I learned from my mommy. She used to do it like that after I heard her cussing a whole lot doing it the other way where you cut your elastic and put the little safety pin in the end and try to thread it thru...yeah, mom cussed like a sailor many times cause she would make the casing too small or too big and then she started doing it this way and the cussing stopped. A cure for cussing!!! YAY!

I have been wanting to take pics of different ways I do stuff and post more tutorials I hope to get that done someday! I want to make one on soap. I would love for you guys to see the process of soapmaking. It fascinates me still and I would love to share it with you.

Well Maylee has her foot caught in some embroidery thread and she is headed for the kitchen.I hear her unwinding the spool as she crawls... I better go get her....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Story Behind my newest listing on Etsy

I have this friend...I mentioned her before here. Her name is Sara. She is 16.

I befriended Sara and I instantly loved her with all my heart and soul. I found her about a year after Aurora died, and I thanked God for Sara. She eased my pain a bit and made me wish she could be my daughter...the feeling is also mutual. She calls me,"mama". Just like Tyler does. We have often been asked if I have "any other" children when me and her is out together LOL I guess she looks like she could be my kid too.

Sara is terribly poor. Her mother lives off of a meager disability check and with a boyfriend who smokes weed and drinks like a fish and cant hold a job, its hard to do things like put clothes on your daughters back...some things are more important after all. I have made Sara a few things but she isnt much into the "Hippie" thing...she thinks she is Gothic...I am cool with that. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy, and she does look cute with black lipstick on....

My newest listing is for these cool three tiered capri

Sara has a social worker (surprise surprise!) and this lady was so sweet, she took her to a couple of thrift stores to get her some clothes. Sara is down to like three or four articles of clothing now since she has put on so much weight from being on the Depo shot her mom put her on...I can kinda understand cause Sara is having "relations" with a young man, and the last thing she needs is a baby but still..its really packing the weight on her quick and she has nothing to wear!But anyhoo, the social worker gets her some clothes and your not allowed to try them on in the stores you just have to buy and pray basically, so Sara gets home and nothing fits. Its ALL too small for her. She happened to pick up a piece of fabric..the fabric the pants are made from, and she was able to get the social worker to buy it along with the clothes. She told her I make clothes and would make it into something for her so the worker went for it...Sara HATED the fabric but thought it may be something that I would like or that may sell...she brings it over to me and I LOVED it of course LOL The only problem I had with it is its a synthetic fabric. I like cotton myself but I see some things on Etsy made from synthetics so last night I cut out these pants and I got them finished up early this afternoon.

Sara dont know I made them. She dont know she is getting all the money if these sell...she dont know nothing yet. I want to surprise her. I am gonna take her to Hot Topic (KMart for goths) and let her get as much stuff as she can get for the money...if nothing else we can hit this lil shop I know of that sells plus size clothing fit for teens. Maybe she can find something there. I hate to see her have to dress like she is my age or older just cause she has got chunky. She is still only 16 and wants to look cool. She reminds me of the one big reason I started sewing in the first place.I hate looking like my mom when I go looks fine dont get me wrong but mom is like 68 LOL

So if you guys got a minute, go check out Sara's pants on
Etsy. They are fun to look at if nothing else. That fabric sure is pretty!

To whomever purchases these
pants, we thank you in advance for helping a young girl have clothes in her closet..nice clothes that fit her and that she LIKES. This is so important when your a guys remember, It aint been that long ago for any of us!

Sara brought me other fabric I am looking at right now...there is a piece in there with Buddha on it...I can make it into a short skirt for someone thin.I got a couple of other project to get done before I can get to that one but its definitly coming up!

Thanks for reading guys...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

List of shops that take RME

So, ya finally signed up for RME (Revolution Money Exchange) and ya need to spend some money..where to go!


Check out the Etsy RME blog with a massive list of shops in all categories that take your handy dandy new RME as payment!
You can even add your own shop into the list too if ya got an Etsy shop! Its as easy as leaving a comment.

OR you can go to this squidoo page made by momwithahook
You can add in your shop there too on her page. Be sure to favorite it, and clicky clicky the stars to rank it. The higher it ranks, the more likely the search engines will be to pick it up and the more likely YOUR shop will get hits!

Of course Maylee's Garden and Auroras garden takes your RME payments too so dont forget us for all your plus size clothing and soapy goodness needs!

And if you havent yet signed up for RME, feel free to do so using this link. I get a bonus of 10 bucks for each referral and that helps me keep Maylee in pretty clothes. She is growing so fast I can hardly keep up! So keep a baby looking pretty, sign up today!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange