Sunday, June 1, 2008

List of shops that take RME

So, ya finally signed up for RME (Revolution Money Exchange) and ya need to spend some money..where to go!


Check out the Etsy RME blog with a massive list of shops in all categories that take your handy dandy new RME as payment!
You can even add your own shop into the list too if ya got an Etsy shop! Its as easy as leaving a comment.

OR you can go to this squidoo page made by momwithahook
You can add in your shop there too on her page. Be sure to favorite it, and clicky clicky the stars to rank it. The higher it ranks, the more likely the search engines will be to pick it up and the more likely YOUR shop will get hits!

Of course Maylee's Garden and Auroras garden takes your RME payments too so dont forget us for all your plus size clothing and soapy goodness needs!

And if you havent yet signed up for RME, feel free to do so using this link. I get a bonus of 10 bucks for each referral and that helps me keep Maylee in pretty clothes. She is growing so fast I can hardly keep up! So keep a baby looking pretty, sign up today!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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Nicole Solo said...

I signed up for RME awhile back too. Its one more thing that will hopefully help our etsy shops!