Thursday, May 29, 2008

New soap again!

I tamed the beast that was my soap, and now I have many wonderful and amazing soaps to show off!
First I g
ot to show you the watermelon soap. I love working with the PVC pipes I use for molds. I can do so many cool things with it! Like this:

The seeds are poppy seeds and they are just on the top of the soap, they are not inside of it. I wanted to make it look as much like a watermelon as I could. Each of these soaps weigh about 2 to 3 ounces each. Of course you can find them in Maylees Garden

I used food coloring (cheap I know) to color the green and pink soap and I rolled the pink into a tube and rolled the green out flat and wrapped it up. I squished it all in the round mold and cut it into slices once it sit for a little while.Soap is so fun. I just love playing with it! This one smells of course, like watermelon.

Then the other soaps are more generic but still cool! This one is the Dragonsblood soap.

It was made with some Moroccan Red Clay as a coloring for it on the top layer, and the bottom is
the plain creamy color. Pretty cool huh? And that top layer is gonna be so nice for your skin too. I love that clay!

This blue one is not colored from ground up smurfs, its colored with the same generic food coloring and boy is it bright! This one is scented with Pearberry. It smelled blue to me so we went with blue. There are small chunks of soap that I didnt get mixed up real good in it so its got a swirly look to it, like the ocean or something...pretty cool! The Pearberry dont smell like smells kinda like berries though. Its a nice fruity floral scent. I like it a lot.

This one is scented with "English Rose" Its just a plain ol white soap but smells real pretty like roses...Mmmmm.

I like rose scent, its hard to find in stores, but you can find it here!

Tyler is still working on his sticks for our new soap holder thingy's. I have seen these everywhere and they look so nice, but I figured we could do one too but a bit different. He is using sticks that have fallen off trees and carving the bark off, and cutting them to the right length so he can glue them together to make a soap dish that holds the soap and lets it drain real good. If it dont drain it gets soft and mushy on the side that sits in water and thats just gross. Hopefully we can get some of these listed this week.

All the soap you see here is in Maylees Garden!

Come check it out if ya got a minute!

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pren said...

the watermellon saop is soooooooo cute and the new packaging looks great! i like the yarn and business cards attached. good idea.