Friday, April 11, 2008

Pygmy Puffs

Oh these things are so darn cute. You have to go over to Pren's blog to check em out! She was even kind enough to post her pattern for these. I cant crochet for sh*t but this makes me wish I could LOL

Convivial Crafter

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A new hair barrette I created!!!!

OK my camera batteries are almost dead so the pictures are blurry as can be. But you get the general idea anyways. I made this today when I was making all the jewelry I made. I thought it was cute till I put it on Maylee just now. OMG its not cute its freaking GORGEOUS!!!!

I have created a fairy princess hair accessory for babies, and for mamas too! I would be more than happy to put this in my hair.

Of course you can see I used that cool vine trim I bought. That stuff has just inspired me to no end. I can envision so many great things made from it.

I took a regular barrette and glues the prety flower to it and I glued buttons on the sides. When I make these to sell I am not gonna do buttons, I am gonna put more flowers on it. The vine trails down each side of the head and to give the vine some weight I glued some rhinestone type stars on it. That weights it down just right so it will lay pretty much the way you put it. I took a zillion pics of Maylee and she was falling all over the couch cause she wouldn't sit up and this thing never budged LOL

I am making these to sell as of tomorrow! Seeing my lil princess look so gorgeous and so prety in this made me think maybe other mama's would like to have a fairy baby princess (wink)

Maylee's new high chair

My neighbor, bless his heart, came over today and asked me if we had a high chair for the baby. I told him, no we havent had the money to get one, and he asked me if I wanted his high chair he used when he was a baby. I was ecstatic!

He says its 35 years old, but I think HE may be older. I am 33 and he looks way older, but anyhoo! I am confident its old enough t
o be considered vintage. Its all wood and it needs to be cleaned up super bad and maybe a good coat of varnish or something, or at least some oil to make it shine. It is late here and I have done made 5 pounds of soap molded it, scented it, cut it, and almost done wrapping it, made a big breakast and some jewelry too, I am beat. I will make Noor clean this up tomorrow LOL

Here is some pics:

cool huh? I can tell its old cause of the picture on the back of the seat and also the fact its all wood! They dont make stuff like this now. I am sure this is from the late 60's or early 70's. If it is 35 years old that would put it being made about 1973??

Monday, April 7, 2008

I finally got some work done guys! I made three skirts total since last monday. I have two on Etsy that I am showing here and I made another one for a special friend, Pren! I will show pics of Pren's skirt after she gets it in the mail. It was a trade. She made me a super cool bag for my computer so I can carry it around in style this summer. I am sure all the people at the coffee shop are gonna be envious of my computer bag and wish they had one that was so cool!

The skirt here is made of blue and green fabrics. These two have been screaming at me forever to be made into a skirt. I keep seeing them together in my fabric stash...they keep looking at me, I keep looking at them...So I finally made a skirt out of em so they will leave me alone! Hell, the voices in my head is enough, now the fabric is screaming at me...sheesh!

Anyhoo. I got this really super cool vine ribbon trim. This is just the coolest stuff. I have plans for this. I got enough to do the trim around the bottom of a skirt so I am gonna make one. I want it to be all brown fabrics too so it looks natural and stuff.

I used this stuff on the pocket of the Earth and Sky skirt and also on the pockets of this skirt:

I found these fabrics at the store yesterday and I had to rush home and make this LOL. I fell in love. Both prints are from a collection called "lava". It looks a lot like swirly watercolors. I love it.

I am also hooked on this tiered skirt thing. I love making these! They turn out so full and spinny!

Here is the pocket on that skirt:

Cool huh! That trim is really tiny so its hard to sew but its worth it. It really makes pockets pretty. I hope I can get around to using it on a brown skirt soon!

So thats what I got up on Etsy
I have plans for other stuff and I absolutely HAVE to get more soap made this week. I am sorry to say I am all out of Nag Champa, but I will be making 2 and 1/2 pounds of it as soon as I can get around to making soap!

I am still waiting on my big fragrance oil order...I cant wait to get it and get to playing with all the scents~