Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Maylee's new high chair

My neighbor, bless his heart, came over today and asked me if we had a high chair for the baby. I told him, no we havent had the money to get one, and he asked me if I wanted his high chair he used when he was a baby. I was ecstatic!

He says its 35 years old, but I think HE may be older. I am 33 and he looks way older, but anyhoo! I am confident its old enough t
o be considered vintage. Its all wood and it needs to be cleaned up super bad and maybe a good coat of varnish or something, or at least some oil to make it shine. It is late here and I have done made 5 pounds of soap molded it, scented it, cut it, and almost done wrapping it, made a big breakast and some jewelry too, I am beat. I will make Noor clean this up tomorrow LOL

Here is some pics:

cool huh? I can tell its old cause of the picture on the back of the seat and also the fact its all wood! They dont make stuff like this now. I am sure this is from the late 60's or early 70's. If it is 35 years old that would put it being made about 1973??

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