Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A new hair barrette I created!!!!

OK my camera batteries are almost dead so the pictures are blurry as can be. But you get the general idea anyways. I made this today when I was making all the jewelry I made. I thought it was cute till I put it on Maylee just now. OMG its not cute its freaking GORGEOUS!!!!

I have created a fairy princess hair accessory for babies, and for mamas too! I would be more than happy to put this in my hair.

Of course you can see I used that cool vine trim I bought. That stuff has just inspired me to no end. I can envision so many great things made from it.

I took a regular barrette and glues the prety flower to it and I glued buttons on the sides. When I make these to sell I am not gonna do buttons, I am gonna put more flowers on it. The vine trails down each side of the head and to give the vine some weight I glued some rhinestone type stars on it. That weights it down just right so it will lay pretty much the way you put it. I took a zillion pics of Maylee and she was falling all over the couch cause she wouldn't sit up and this thing never budged LOL

I am making these to sell as of tomorrow! Seeing my lil princess look so gorgeous and so prety in this made me think maybe other mama's would like to have a fairy baby princess (wink)

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theysaywordscanbleed said...

aww, that is just beyond adorable :)

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