Sunday, April 5, 2009

So much to talk about today

So I cant come up with a snappy title to suck you in! LOL

First off I want to say I am a blessed woman. i mean it. I am majorly blessed, and I know that someone up there smiles on me cause last night I found this:

Yes kids its a HUGE container of Yoo-Hoo! I have dreamed about this moment since I was a small child. The day when Yoo-Hoo would find the love in its chocolatey heart to make a larger than 12.5 ounce container of its uber chocolatey goodness. Yes, This is the happiest day of my life. Overshadowed only by the births of my children....but its a close call on that one. I am attempting to email my brother a picture of me with a carton of this flipping him the bird...I cant wait to hear him cuss! ROFLMAO! This has been his dream too, we even heard rumors they sold 2 liters of this in NY and we tried for years to find one on ebay with no luck. I cant wait to tell him what I found...and I found it FIRST!

~~~~~~~~~~~~Exciting business opportunities part of the post!

In other news I have send a submission to this really pretty site called I Heart Handmade,they contacted me on etsy (MANY people do this but there are very few I actually mess with) They are doing virtual craft show for earth day and it runs from April 15th thru the 29th. Its the Eco Friendly craft show, and I am so excited to be a part of it! I will post here with a link to my page when the show starts. I think this will be a good way to get my products out to the world, and I am even gonna give away a baggie of laundry soap too! YAY! and with each purchase in my etsy shop made thru the craft show site I will include a free half bag of laundry soap enough to do 10 to 15 loads in your choice of scents. Again, I will post here and on twitter and everywhere else I hang out when the show starts so don't worry I wont let you miss it! LOL

~~~~~~~~~~Soapy part of the post....

And another thing I ran across today was this site here Coming Clean Campaign. I was not shocked really to find out these "organic" and "Natural" bath and beauty and also cleaning products are full of carcinogens. I figured they were, and I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. I will stick to my vinegar and borax thanks.

******Blog post turns to preaching in 5-4-3-2-1.....

This is yet another reason to buy handmade guys! I have been saying for years that skin cancer don't come from the sun it comes from all this noxious chemicals we slather on our skin every day. Occasionally I will read the labels on some of the "organic" products at the store, and even the damn bath salts contain crap that shouldn't be there! I wont buy nothing from a retail store other than the most basic of needs. I know that everything else they sell IS hazardous to my health and I take a chance when I eat it, use it, spray it, or sniff it.

*********Helpful tips coming your way!

Its so easy to make your own household cleaners, Vinegar and water makes the best window cleaner, vinegar added to plain water makes a great solution for mopping, best I ever used as a matter of fact. Borax can clean your bathroom and make it shine, and cleans stoves and kitchen sinks up real nice too. I shine my sink up with baking soda and rinse it down the drain with some vinegar to keep the drains clear. If you cant stand the smell of vinegar (I HATE IT!!!!!!) Get a bottle of essential oil that you LIKE and put a few drops in with the vinegar mixture. It helps a LOT! My house usually smells like lavender when I mop the floors, not like vinegar.

So there it is. Make your own cleaners, save your health and butt tons of money every month. When I first started making my own, I was spending about 40 bucks a month on commercial cleaners for the house including windex,mopping floor stuff,bathroom cleaner,ect.. Since I started making my own my cost is now 3.75 for borax, and about 4 bucks for a gallon of vinegar that will usually last for 6 weeks. So I spend 7.75 for the same cleaning power I was spending 40 bucks on...AND.. I dont have all the empty spray bottles to throw out! I sanitized the last ones I used and I been reusing them for the past several years. Do it for your health, do it to save your hard earned money!

~~~~~~~~~Touching, Personal, and sometimes bitchy whiney part of blog post!

Maylee has been sick all week. Her fever got up real high one night and scared the living hell out of me. Now I am sick too. I have been running on 3 to 6 hours of sleep a night and I am beat. I am implementing a new plan for mine and Maylees health starting today. We will be megadosing vitamin C till the weather finally changes. I will do 2 grams a day and Maylee can do 250 to 500 milligrams...we will make Zinc candy a part of our every day routine too. This is the 2nd time in 6 weeks we have been sick. Before this it had been years since I was full blown sick with the flu. This is just too much!

Tyler has made Yellow belt in his Karate class! YAY! he tested a couple weeks ago and he passed! here is a video his instructor made. The one here I have linked to is his instructor at a tournament we all went to last weekend. He does some really cool moves.
Here is a video of Tylers instructor dropping some kid with one kick. he was 15 when he did this, and he says he let the kid know he was gonna roundhouse kick him, but he didnt even try to block it. Ahhh karate drama.

Maylee loves watching the fighter guys and trying to do what they do. She loves it when we take her in to Tylers Karate class. She is so cute with her kicks and punches.

OK I think thats it for all my babling and updates and whatnot. i wish I had more time to blog so I didnt have to make one huge post but I been super busy this past week with Sweet Baby sick and now I am sick...I still managed to make soap though...and I made more body butter too...

~~~~~~~~~You knew this part was coming...the blatant self promotion part!

Oh and I am having a sale in my artfire shop!!!!!!!!!