Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kool Aid Dyed Some More Wool

I mentioned I bought some more wool from copperpot, well I HAD to dye it. I was thinking a nice pink and blue...like cotton candy, the Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid is such a gorgeous color, and I had some pink lemonade Kool-aid that is a nice bubblegum pink...yeah thats what I was THINKING about doing what comes out of the bowl is different because my stupid a$$ forgot that pink+ blue = purple!
This is the drafted wool after dying. Its still got some pink and some blue spots but overall its this real nice purple. I am NOT complaining by no means about the color, its just...I really wanted cotton candy! (throws self in the floor crying)
It has spun up so nice...I am getting better at this drafting thing...thats where you take the roving and split it into really thin sections to be spun. At first I didnt realize that drafting was a necessary thing....but my yarn was cool anyways, but this is even better. This is my second try at spinning and dying plain wool and I am happy as I can be! The resulting yarn is no thicker than worsted weight yarn you get from a store and the thin parts arent SO thin...its mostly the same thickness all the way thru but there are some spots thicker than others...I am not sure if this is Kosher or not, I see lots of pretty yarn on etsy with this "defect" and it looks very pleasing to my eyes so I am gonna just not worry about it. I LOVE the way it looks! I like it so much better than store bought yarn. I will ALWAYS spin my own yarn. I just love it! I am thinking I will try to make a sweater out of this for Maylee...Kathleens sweater has inspired me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maylees New sweater

I wanted a sweater for Maylee for this winter cause it is SOOO cold here in Kentucky, at least I think it is, all I know is my fingers are numb right now LOL. But this super nice lady Kathleen, made Maylee a sweater and its the fanciest sweater in the universe I swear!

Oh and Kathleen happens to sell some really cool trims and stuff on ebay check her out if your in the market for trims and lace

Maylee trying to get the soap curing hehehe

Isnt she precious?!

I LOVE this sweater and it fits her so good!

Her skirt was from a trade I did with Danielle of pixypatch who makes hippie patchwork clothing and accessories

Its hemp and I love hemp, so Maylee has her cool hemp skirt, bloomers I made for her, and the sweater made with love by Kathleen. She is one loved baby here!

Oh and thats NOT a cigarette she is packing around its a straw. Its super hard to get pictures of her lately cause she runs from the camera so I didnt bother making her furious by taking away her straw...at least its not her onion...