Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maylees New sweater

I wanted a sweater for Maylee for this winter cause it is SOOO cold here in Kentucky, at least I think it is, all I know is my fingers are numb right now LOL. But this super nice lady Kathleen, made Maylee a sweater and its the fanciest sweater in the universe I swear!

Oh and Kathleen happens to sell some really cool trims and stuff on ebay check her out if your in the market for trims and lace

Maylee trying to get the soap curing hehehe

Isnt she precious?!

I LOVE this sweater and it fits her so good!

Her skirt was from a trade I did with Danielle of pixypatch who makes hippie patchwork clothing and accessories

Its hemp and I love hemp, so Maylee has her cool hemp skirt, bloomers I made for her, and the sweater made with love by Kathleen. She is one loved baby here!

Oh and thats NOT a cigarette she is packing around its a straw. Its super hard to get pictures of her lately cause she runs from the camera so I didnt bother making her furious by taking away her least its not her onion...


Kreated by Kelly said...

I love her! She is so precious & the sweater is adorable!!!

Justine said...

Libby, she looks adorable in the sweater and her Peanut Patchwork skirt!! I like the apple skirt she has on with the onion, too!

You didn't mention, but does Kathleen have a store where she sells the sweaters?

Kyfarmlife said...

I could eat her up! What a doll! Her little sweater is beautiful, Maylee "makes it work"...glad you were able to get a picture before she ran off! LOL I cant wait to meet her! And yes it is freezing! I'm so tired of cold already...the windchill is making it feel like its in the single digitd..and a strong steady wind sucks! BRRRRRRRR Hope your still feeling better! Talk soon

Auroras_Garden said...

Hey Justine, She dont make these to sell yet but she says she is thinking about it. She has more yarn and stuff so hopefully soon maybe she will get her butt busy and open up an Etsy shop and sell some of these (hint hint) LOL

Rachel, yes I am excited for you to meet her too! I thought I was gonna die yesterday with that damn wind OMG! It was just TOO cold, and to think a couple days before I was wearing one layer of clothes and thinking about shorts! I had the doors open to the house and everything...this weather is crazy.

Kelly, Thanks so much honey! She is quite Lord of The Rings precious...can you just see Smeegal (sp) holding her and saying..."My Precious" over and over hehehehehe

Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Awww she is so adorable! What a great sweater. = )

lunaticg said...

nice works you have here. Great sweater. See you around.