Friday, October 3, 2008

Maylees new Halloween Bag

I been blogging a lot lately about other people stuff, thats one thing I LOVE to do is promote others work. The nice lady that made this bag does INCREDIBLE work and you guys HAVE to check out her shop if you need a bag for your kids for halloween. She ships out SUPER quick like next day kinda quick so you will get it in plenty of time for halloween. I present to you Maylee's new Halloween bag from Ginny Mack's Crafts

I followed Maylee around for a good 10 minutes while she was playing with her new bag and this is the best picture I could get. She wears it like a purse, she is so cute! I just love her to pieces!

Here you can see her bag a little better. It is SOOO well made and ready for tons of candy she is gonna get for her mean herself with her cute lil fairy outfit. I will have pics of the outfit soon. i got the tutu finished yesterday and I am gonna make the wings myself. She hates the tutu and cried when I put it on her LOL She tried to pull it off. So I can only imagine how the wings will go but thats what duct tape is for (smiles)

SO if you guys need a bag for your babies for halloween you should get one of these. Buy handmade! Support this country in the best way you can cause Lord knows its going to hell in a handbasket economically...but thats another blog post LOL

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maylees Hair Clips By Julibee Kitsch

Isnt she sweet? Perfectly innocent with those big dark eyes, and her almost black eye from her many adventures falling all over the house...she is a doll in the new flower hair clippie I got from the sweet Miss Juli who has the shop Julibee Kitsch on Etsy. I got these for Maylee at the awesome art and craft fair we were at together Saturday.Juli has many more fine pieces of jewelry and also more hair clippies! These are set on alligator clips which are GREAT for staying in fine silky hair like mine and Maylee's. I love the way it stays in Maylees fine silky hair...

Until she grabs it and yanks it out of her hair.

Then she hands it to me (sigh)

The clippie is wonderful and Maylee's actions in no way represent the quality or beauty of this item. If I was a baby I would totally wear it:

Everywomans Art and Craft festival was a blast!

It went GREAT! I wanted to post before now but I been super busy these past couple of days, anyhoo...The show was awesome and I got to meet SO many of my street team! I met Ladonna, and Mari, and Sherri, and was so GREAT!

I couldnt resist Miss Juli's wares so i had to get something. I am a sucker for jewelry. i cannot resist it. its like chocolate. I cant say no!

She had a great set up at the show, and I got some hair clips for Maylee and the awesome periwinkle necklace featured in the paper we was in YAY! I HAD to have it! I will have pics soon. I cant believe I been so busy! AHHHH! Her jewelry is awesome and I highly recommend her shop Julibee Kitsch I still have a pair of earrings I bought form her eons ago when i first found her on Etsy. They are among my favorites (smile) I will have cute pics of Maylee in the hair clips soon...she keeps pulling them out and saying something that sounds like "Pretty" while she is pulling them out LOL.

Miss LaDonna had a nice set up too. All her beautiful paintings were there...LaDonna is super sweet for inviting me to the show so I want to thank her again for being so kind to me, I had the best time I have had in ages at the show. i met so many great people there! Oh and you should go see LaDonna's shop! She has goddess stuff!

I also met Miss Sherri who makes the incredible artwork for her Maninthemoon Etsy shop. Her work is like WOW!!! I cant believe I got to meet her and she is SOOO super nice too! She just dropped by for a visit she wasnt in the show but she should have been, cause she rocks! Please go check out her art work, this woman in fantastic!

And I got to meet the ever sweet and ultra talented Mari who makes the most awesomely good jewelry for her Whimsybymari Etsy shop. She has a blog too, and I think everyone has to agree she takes the best pictures! LOL Her stuff is VERY treasury worthy so if your a treasury hunter please consider Miss Mari's stuff. The items are gorgeous and the pictures are perfect!

There was also incredible music OMG! The music was just awesome!!! I am not into music much in the past few years but this woman grabbed my soul and took it for a ride! You have to check her out. I prefer local music over big names of course, and her stuff is so true, so honest, and so down to earth...well ya just have to hear it. please go check out Annette Neumann on myspace. There is a song player that has a couple of her songs on it and PLEASE listen. She is so cool in person, and she talked to me for a while and even bought soap! I bought her CD too LOL Its only 1 of 2 CD's I have purchased since 2001 so that tells you something. The other CD was the Villebillies...I like them a lot too! LOL

I had a blast at the show. I sold out of a whole lotta soap, I sold 5 body butters too! YAY! I came home with a lot less stuff than I went with thats for sure. I am hoping to get in on some more shows soon! I am very excited about this whole craft show thing, and I never dreamed it could be profitable for me after my first fiasco at a craft show...cost 35 only made 18...lost a days work,and 17 bucks....thankfully this show did NOT go like that LOLI came out ahead in this one.

We are hoping to do this show again in the spring so if anyone out there reading is in the general area of Radcliff or Lousiville or anywhere kinda close to there and want to see some great arts and crafts and hear some incredible music keep an eye on for details on the show hopefully coming in May!