Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our big day in BeaverCreek Ohio

Getting to Ohio yesterday was half the fun! I was very very surprised on Friday to a bunch of "gifts" in my paypal account from my loving hippiesew mamas JUST so I could go meet Kristi and Christina in Beavercreek at Kristi's house on Saturday. Christina was the sneaky sneak who set it all up thru a note on Facebook asking for help from anyone who had a buck to donate so I could have the money to get up there. Thats how bad she wanted me to be there, and thats how much I am loved. Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am?? A lot of things in my personal life are as wrong as they can be right now but I swear I have the BEST friends in the universe and I love and thank you all!

We left about 9 AM and after a bunch of bathroom breaks and other breaks such as the one depicted here where Tyler and Maylee gang up to figure out how to spend mama's spare change we finally made it to Ohio in about 3 and a half hours. The day was so pretty, not too hot not too cold and traffic was ok considering the massive amount of road construction I incurred while driving. Its seriously insane guys, ease up on the road construction seriously. Last time I drove I-75 it was NOT that bad, come on now!

So we finally get to Beavercreek! I was so happy to finally meet Kristi and to see Christina once again. We all went out back to Kristi's awesome backyard so the kids could play as it was a VERY nice warm day.

Maylee (In the pink) and Lavender loved jumping on the trampoline, of course with all the leaves on it is HAS to be fun right! its like a never ending leaf pile that you can jump in over and over again! What fun!

Maylee loved the "Yabbit" (rabbit) Kristi had. She has never seen a real Yabbit before so this was fun for her to finally get to see one up close. Yes sweet baby, they arent just in your story books they are real!

All of the kids loved playing in the awesome treehouse with the cool slide. Maylee and Lavender played there for a long time.
The kids all had so much fun while us grown ups talked...all was well...until....

Cass finds a BUG!

We have no idea what he was. We call them "Armour bugs" and thats what Kristi called it too, all I know is Cass is one brave young lady cause I wouldnt have touched it! EWWWW! LOL

Kristi had a massive Hula Hoop collection and lil Dom tried his hand at it. I think he secretly wants to be as awesome at it as his sister Cass, but again we ALL wanted to be that awesome at it! She can make the hoop go up to her head and then down to her feet like its no problem at all! Yeah we were pretty envious, I wish I had a video of it! Cass is not only brave but pretty darn good with a hula hoop too!

You all know how Maylee loves Kitties, well Kristi had a kitty that seemed to really love little girls. Maylee was pretty excited to find a kitty that didnt mind being played with. That was the most patient kitty I have ever met. She really didnt mind being carried around by the neck. I guess she knows how toddlers are LOL

Maylee really liked kitty's "Puppy" (Tail) too

We had some awesome pizza that Kristi made too! Maylee loves Pizza. Its one of her food groups. Kristi also made a pesto pizza that was to die for! I loved it and wish I had one right now! YUM!

I also got to sample some coffee made by Jill of Capital City Coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, I prefer sweet tea really. But THIS coffee makes me want to pick up the habit in the worst way. I have had Starbucks, I have had Gevalia coffee, I have had a local coffee shop's fair trade coffee, I have had plain ol cheap stuff from the grocery store, I am NOT a coffee expert but I swear to god this is the BEST coffee you will EVER hope to drink in your whole life! It is worth every last penny, trust me!

It was so awesome to drink the finest coffee and eat the finest pizza in the finest kynd company I could ever hope to be in. I cant thank Christina enough for organizing this so that I could have a MUCH needed break. I feel so much better today after being able to get away for a little while yesterday. Thanks so much to all who donated money or bought from my shop Friday to help get me there. You are very loved and appreciated. I will remember you guys and if you need ANYTHING I can help you with you dont hesitate to ask! I mean it!