Saturday, April 5, 2008

New fragrances I ordered for my soap!

I found AMBER!!!

Here is a list of what I ordered tonight

Pink Grapefruit

I am gonna mix some of them up to make new fragrances. I am so happy I found the amber! YAY!

A lot of these I will keep as permanant fixtures in my store. I had a lot of people say Peppermint soap would be nice...I had a bad experiance with peppermint one time and it made me hesitant to use it in soap but if everyone says its good then I will try it. My bad experiance involved a huge handful of peppermint leaves in a steaming hot bath with some oranges...It sounds lovely dont it? It was, till I got out and my skin was a red hot inferno! I burned for hours and hours...oh god it was awful...I never thought about all the oils those chopped up peppermint leaves were emitting...I was red from head to toe, but dammit I smelled AWESOME!

I just hope the peppermint soap does not have the same effect! I would love to mix it with orange or a bergamot essential oil...oh man, talk about!

I am planning on making more soap Sunday. I have more fragrance oils in and I need to get my butt in gear. I am psyched about my soap since its getting so much attention now. It would be a stupid business move to just let this pass by! Plus I really honestly enjoy making it. I have enjoyed making it for my family all this time and selling it sporadically but I wanna take it full time. I would possibly like to add more to it, like lotions and whatnot. I have a great recipe for laundry soap too I may try to make some of that. I make all the toiletries I use for Maylee, and her stuff is incredible.

I also make all of my own household cleaners.My window cleaner beats the pants off Windex any day of the week! The only things I dont make are dishwasher detergent and laundry soap. I just recently found the recipe to make my own laundry soap and you need grated up pure soap to make handy! I have tons of grated up pure soap! LOL

Its terrible there are so many nasty, noxious chemicals in out soaps and lotions and cleaners we buy at the store...thats why I make all of the stuff for Maylee. I am trying to keep her toxin levels down as much as possible. I know you cant keep them totally safe but I try to as much as I can.I have been cleaning with my own products for about 4 years now and my house has never been cleaner...well when I can get around to cleaning LOL There is also no noxious chemical smell in the air after I clean...just the smell of whatever essential oils I put in my cleaner. Lately its been bergamot! I went thru my lavender phase already.... Cinnamon was a hit last year...I drove that in the ground, now I cant stand cinnamon it reminds me of the bathroom LOL.

I also make those linen sprays.I use it like one would use Febreeze. It works great for freshening up things like the couch or a chair or curtains you dont have time to wash....

Ok I am babbling and I need to go to bed. Its almost 1 AM and I got to drive down to see my parents tomorrow. Moms got a new outfit she ordered out of a catalog to show me...thats how mom shops anymore, catalogs...if she could only figure out the internet and the computer she would have packages coming every day,especially if she found Etsy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Need advice on soap!

I have been making soap for about a year and selling it sporadically, but due to the recent positive reactions I have got from my soap plus the pure joy of making it I have decided to add this in as a permanent fixture in my Etsy shop. I am in the process of compiling a list of popular scents so that I can make this in large batches so I have a good stock handy at all times. If anyone out there would like to put forth a suggestion please let me know!...So far I have the following scents that I am gonna keep in stock at all times

Nag Champa
Love Spell (victorias secret scent)
honeysuckle (you cant find honeysuckle ANYTHING anywhere, so this is a hit!)
Sex On The Beach (fruity tropical smell, makes me think of Hawaii!)

I also try to keep scents for kids but am having a hard time finding some of them since my favorite ebay sellers of the fragrance oils have hauled ass due to the recent price hike/major screwing over of all the sellers.

Trix ( like the cereal yes)
Fruit blast
Bubblegum (smells like a big piece of Bazooka!)

I have fruit blast here, and I recently found a supplier for bubblegum, but the Trix...still havent found it. I wish there was one seller that carried everything I buy....I hate ebay. They ran off the one person I could buy everything from!

If anyone wants to add their 2 cents to the list feel free! I am very open to suggestions. I would like to have about 15 scents I keep all the time...the 3 kids scents, and maybe 2-3 seasonal that I rotate four times a year for the seasons.

Monday, March 31, 2008

New stuff on Etsy!

I made my very first tiered skirt saturday night! I was very very excited about it. It turned out so perfect I decided to sell it. It is on Etsy

I used five different fabrics all together...It took a lot of fabric to make this but it was so worth it! I want to make one for myself now and I want to make one where each tier is one fabric only instead of being patchy like this one...Oh so many things to do and so little time!

I learned how to do this awesome tiered skirt from my super duper great bestest friend in the universe, Amanda! She also has a shop on Etsy too. Her stuff is top notch guys! If your looking for well made goods then this is the place to go...She is pretty new at selling but she is damn good at making stuff. I got to drool over her fabric stash over the weekend...she had the most incredible piece of corduroy....(drools) she also made pants out of that corduroy that I tried on and almost forgot to take off cause they was so comfortable...she needs to list those pants in her shop...(hint hint nudge nudge) She did this great thing with the pocket...hard to explain but its great I love it! Its so nice to have someone who sews the same type of clothing live so close to me, and she likes me! Yeah, can you believe it! She seems to enjoy my company and her kids seem to like me too, YAY!!

I have other stuff to list today in my shop...I have a pair of bloomers that was a custom order gone wrong...nothing wrong with them just the fabric wasnt what the customer wanted. I have stopped taking customs because of the baby but that one looked only took me three weeks to get it out...geez...I used to turn around orders like that in one day....not anymore! But anyhoo here is the bloomers..that are more like shorts on me anyways...These would be great for a shorter person, or if you like this length then they would be great too! The rise is a little short on these too, dont know how that happened.... they sit at my waist here in the picture but the crotch is well...where it should be LOL I think these would be best on a more petite plus sized mama. They were made for a shorter person. These are 22 inches long from top to bottom....

This is that smocked dress I made like three weeks ago and never got around to posting. The baby dress to match it is done too but I just gotta get it on my little supermodel and get pictures of it. The baby dress looks exactly like this big dress right down tot he pocket...its so cute!!!

I will probably go on and list this one today and hopefully I can list the baby dress today too. I am gonna try my best!

I guess thats about it...I also posted my soap too. I have some soaps left and I figured I would put em up on etsy and see what happens. It would be great if I could start making bunches and bunches of soap to sell. I like making soap, it makes my house smell so nice.

So what are you waiting for go check out my shop and look at all the cool stuff!!!!


Ok I tried it..the fabric I got was a cheapo satin and it blew. I could do this with a decent fabric. I was thinking...wouldnt it be cool if I could take this craft and put my own hippie spin on it. I got an idea for what I want to do and where I want to take this new craft but I gotta get the time and two free hands...Maylee spends 95% of her time in one arm or the other lately.

I am planning on making my first creation into a hair comb. I wanted to make a smaller version of whatever I make to put in Maylee's hair...we can match! She will be so cute!

I will keep you updated on the progress of this craft! I got so many irons in the fire right now...I cant keep up! AHHH!!!