Saturday, April 5, 2008

New fragrances I ordered for my soap!

I found AMBER!!!

Here is a list of what I ordered tonight

Pink Grapefruit

I am gonna mix some of them up to make new fragrances. I am so happy I found the amber! YAY!

A lot of these I will keep as permanant fixtures in my store. I had a lot of people say Peppermint soap would be nice...I had a bad experiance with peppermint one time and it made me hesitant to use it in soap but if everyone says its good then I will try it. My bad experiance involved a huge handful of peppermint leaves in a steaming hot bath with some oranges...It sounds lovely dont it? It was, till I got out and my skin was a red hot inferno! I burned for hours and hours...oh god it was awful...I never thought about all the oils those chopped up peppermint leaves were emitting...I was red from head to toe, but dammit I smelled AWESOME!

I just hope the peppermint soap does not have the same effect! I would love to mix it with orange or a bergamot essential oil...oh man, talk about!

I am planning on making more soap Sunday. I have more fragrance oils in and I need to get my butt in gear. I am psyched about my soap since its getting so much attention now. It would be a stupid business move to just let this pass by! Plus I really honestly enjoy making it. I have enjoyed making it for my family all this time and selling it sporadically but I wanna take it full time. I would possibly like to add more to it, like lotions and whatnot. I have a great recipe for laundry soap too I may try to make some of that. I make all the toiletries I use for Maylee, and her stuff is incredible.

I also make all of my own household cleaners.My window cleaner beats the pants off Windex any day of the week! The only things I dont make are dishwasher detergent and laundry soap. I just recently found the recipe to make my own laundry soap and you need grated up pure soap to make handy! I have tons of grated up pure soap! LOL

Its terrible there are so many nasty, noxious chemicals in out soaps and lotions and cleaners we buy at the store...thats why I make all of the stuff for Maylee. I am trying to keep her toxin levels down as much as possible. I know you cant keep them totally safe but I try to as much as I can.I have been cleaning with my own products for about 4 years now and my house has never been cleaner...well when I can get around to cleaning LOL There is also no noxious chemical smell in the air after I clean...just the smell of whatever essential oils I put in my cleaner. Lately its been bergamot! I went thru my lavender phase already.... Cinnamon was a hit last year...I drove that in the ground, now I cant stand cinnamon it reminds me of the bathroom LOL.

I also make those linen sprays.I use it like one would use Febreeze. It works great for freshening up things like the couch or a chair or curtains you dont have time to wash....

Ok I am babbling and I need to go to bed. Its almost 1 AM and I got to drive down to see my parents tomorrow. Moms got a new outfit she ordered out of a catalog to show me...thats how mom shops anymore, catalogs...if she could only figure out the internet and the computer she would have packages coming every day,especially if she found Etsy!

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