Thursday, April 3, 2008

Need advice on soap!

I have been making soap for about a year and selling it sporadically, but due to the recent positive reactions I have got from my soap plus the pure joy of making it I have decided to add this in as a permanent fixture in my Etsy shop. I am in the process of compiling a list of popular scents so that I can make this in large batches so I have a good stock handy at all times. If anyone out there would like to put forth a suggestion please let me know!...So far I have the following scents that I am gonna keep in stock at all times

Nag Champa
Love Spell (victorias secret scent)
honeysuckle (you cant find honeysuckle ANYTHING anywhere, so this is a hit!)
Sex On The Beach (fruity tropical smell, makes me think of Hawaii!)

I also try to keep scents for kids but am having a hard time finding some of them since my favorite ebay sellers of the fragrance oils have hauled ass due to the recent price hike/major screwing over of all the sellers.

Trix ( like the cereal yes)
Fruit blast
Bubblegum (smells like a big piece of Bazooka!)

I have fruit blast here, and I recently found a supplier for bubblegum, but the Trix...still havent found it. I wish there was one seller that carried everything I buy....I hate ebay. They ran off the one person I could buy everything from!

If anyone wants to add their 2 cents to the list feel free! I am very open to suggestions. I would like to have about 15 scents I keep all the time...the 3 kids scents, and maybe 2-3 seasonal that I rotate four times a year for the seasons.

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pren said...

i loooove honeysuckle but what about gardenia? i bet that would be popular.